Freida Brest

A Hot blonde with purple sweat pants, who turns large and green when angry


Freida Brest was born in a full Orc tribe in the Shadow Marches near Zarash Bay. She is the product of the tribe chief and his human slave, who died in child birth. Due to her predominant Orc features she was raised by the chief instead of being cast into the bay. Freida loved and idolized her father, who was a war hero and a strong, authoritative leader. He died in a challenge for his position as chief. Being his daughter and heir, Freida was cast out of the tribe with only the clothes on her back and her father’s prized flail. The new chief loathed her human heritage and feared her drive to overthrow him, so he ordered assassins to kill her. As a result, she traveled from city to city avoiding any Orc she came across. She grew ashamed of her human heritage, and blamed those traits for her exile. Eventually, Freida discovered that fighting pits were a quick, anonymous way to gain money. She stayed in each city long enough to get plenty of silver, but not long enough to be known.

One day a beggar boy tried to pick her pocket while she was finishing a wine skin on the steps of some unknown tavern, or maybe it was in an alley. She caught him and gave him a good whack to the side of the head sending him on his way. The next day, as she was nursing her hangover and preparing to move on, the boy appeared pleading to come with. Denying and kicking him aside, she left the city only to find the boy halfway to the next town, stalking her. Freida was annoyed until he gave her with a large sack of loot and presented her with a business offer: She fights in the pits, and he pickpockets the onlookers. The boy, Stevie, gets to travel with her and they both end up rich. It seemed like a fair deal to Freida. The pair eventually end up in Stormreach where Freida is successful in the pits, and Stevie is even more successful in the crowds. He “acquires” a ticket on board some new ship called the Golden Dragon.

Freida Brest

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