K't't't't Kiturac

Mantisfolk guide of Xen'drik


K’t’t’t’t (or Klick for short) joined the Golden Dragon in the giant ruined city of Stormreach. He staggered aboard, a mantisfolk with a hat apparently in human styling. If it wasn’t for the two holes with his antenna protruding through, it might look as out of place as a glove on a squid. Not that the holes made it unremarkable, but it was a smart looking hat all the same.

Klic had booked passage to Sharn with the intent of seeing the continent of Korvaire for the first time. While his travels had taken him cross the length and breadth of Xen’drik, the civilized world and the ways of men were as strange to him as his home might be to those who corssed the teeth for the first time to explore Xen’drik.

K't't't't Kiturac

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