Eberron Pathfinder LOST

Death of America

(Still Day 8)

Mordain’s Journal

  • As we descend the ridge, I pull Ezra aside. I inform him that he has not gained our trust and should not expect to take part in any decision-making for the time being. From his earlier answers to our questions, it is apparent that he is not being forthright with us. He barely acknowledges the evil and danger inherent in this island. I believe he may be trying to get us to drop our guard. A befuddled old man is a disarming stereotype, but there is no way such a being could survive here for years. Simply by presenting himself as such, he is hiding the truth from us, or outright lying.
  • It takes 2 hours to reach the shore, and another 2 hours to reach the dock. I suggest that Manten and Kttt stay back in case we need backup. –ip remains with them as she is still ill. Stevie appears to have recovered completely.
  • We approach the dock and two cabins with the intention of negotiating, but are ambushed by the children we have been tracking. They are armed with explosives and poisoned weapons.
  • What follows can only be described as a complete failure of leadership within our party, and I must accept the lion’s share of the blame. Several members of our party attempt to engage the children using lethal force, while others attempt to subdue them. Captain America accidentally takes the life of a child. [DM NOTE: Cap throws his shield to knock down and cover a child, and crits, killing the poor child]. Uncoordinated chaos breaks out before eventually 5 children are disarmed and captured in one of the cabins. 2 children escape into the jungle during the melee.
  • In the second cabin, we find Father Feres tied to a chair. He claims that he was awoken at the survivor’s camp several nights ago by a female sorceress and another man, and that the pair ordered him to help kidnap the children. His story is full of holes—our trackers saw three sets of tracks enter the camp, he claims he was too scared to raise an alarm even though he was surrounded by 50+ sleeping survivors when the pair arrived. Ezra tells me that he recognizes Feres as “Conrad”—a person who has lived in the village here on the island for several years. Conrad supposedly has worked with another man named “Vanthis”—a leader of sorts who had promised to take care of the chain monster.
  • We realize that Captain America is missing, but before we can search for him the chain monster arrives and spits out his body, tearing it into 2 pieces before our eyes before disappearing into the jungle. I hold Ezra largely responsible for the Captain’s death. In the aftermath of the accidental slaying of the child, Ezra began repeatedly tormenting the Captain over what he had just done. I recognized the effect Ezra’s words were having, but could not spare the time to address them as the other children were still at risk from members of our party. Ezra’s words undoubtedly led the Captain to wander off alone into the jungle—which proved to be a fatal action.
  • We search for Manten and Kttt and find a note that they have left written in the dirt saying the chain monster is headed toward camp.
  • Lunzo determines that the boat at the dock is magical (very fast, and a below-deck cabin that holds us all), and we use it to return to the beach camp. Ezra turns out to be the best pilot in our group.
  • We make very good time getting back to the beach camp, and catch the other survivors up-to-date with our progress. We meet a female in the camp who is able to cast healing spells, wearing a shield marked with a Karrnathi symbol. I do not believe we have seen her previous to this.
Smoke in the Jungle

Day 8 on the Island

Mordain’s Journal

  • I awaken with Stevie in my bedroll. He will not wake up, and has become extremely cold—his breath has frozen around his mouth. I assume he entered my bedroll in an attempt to warm himself. Despite his obviously unhealthy condition, Frieda seems more intent on accusing me of dishonorable intentions towards the boy than in figuring out what ails him.
  • Lunzo also remains unconscious. Manten, however, makes a potion that wakes him. He appears to be in good health again.
  • As Frieda’s botfly infestation has not improved, I improvise a cure by imbuing her with a measure of protection from fire so that we may use torches to burn the vermin out of her. We are only partially successful, but Manten again comes through with a magical cure to finish off the job.
  • -ip remains unconscious and in my care.
  • A few hours after setting off to find the children, we are attacked by the chain monster that struck Captain America. Kttt shepherds the others into hiding while I draw its attack away from them. I am struck by several barbed chains and pulled into the inky cloud that surrounds the monster. Attempting to pierce the darkness by perceiving the evil within it, I see a beautiful naked woman wreathed in chains—using them as both armor and weapon. She shows me Skald’s death, and I respond by smiting her with my longsword. Both woman and cloud recede into nothingness, but I do not believe she has been destroyed.
  • I note that Captain America fled during the attack, when even the elf, Lunzo, moved forward to try to help. I pointedly inform America that he had better begin pulling his own weight.
  • Shortly after this, we encounter an elderly human named Ezra. He says he has been on the island for many years, but much of the information in his brain appears disheveled. He claims no knowledge of the village we seek, and babbles annoyingly. As we are pressed for time, we ask him to accompany us while we travel, that we both may learn from each other. He accepts this offer, and soon after leads us to a center of healing that appears of construction similar to the apartment under the hatch.
  • During our initial meeting with Ezra, Stevie began to vibrate, then gave off an electric shock.
  • Inside the healing center, we find a tile mosaic of the nonagon with a domino in the center. This corresponds with the drawing that Madge made. We also find and use several healing potions, taking extras with us. –ip is revived by one such potion.
  • As we set off again, Captain America mentions that the Golden Dragon was torn apart by the escaping elementals, but that they did not stick around to attack us as would be expected.
  • At the top of a ridge, we see below us a dock and a large plume of smoke, very big and very black. The smoke is about a ¼ mile inland. We aren’t certain if there are boats at the dock. Kttt leads us down for two hours. As we descend, we see a small rowboat tied to the dock.
Jungle Fever

(Day 7)

Mordain’s Journal

  • Despite having healed overnight, both Lunzo and –ip will not wake up. They appear to be under the effects of some sort of fever-inducing illness.
  • In one of the caves, we find a pile of bodies and body parts—presumably left over from the troll’s feeding. Many bodies have insignias of the Sovereign Host on their clothing. Several shields and suits of armor, however, have a stamped marking of a diagonal sword surrounded by the 9-sided shape. This stamped marking appears to have been added later.
  • I offer to search the area since the bodies may give off disease, and find a very reflective heavy shield that may be wielded as a light shield (which I keep for myself), a pair of magical acrobatic boots, a cloak that aids the wearer’s resistances and ability to hide, a wand that may cure wounds three times each day, a very light chain shirt, a breastplate, a potion marked with a circle and a slash over an image of a spider, and a grey pearl which causes some sort of brain-locking property.
  • I note that Kttt has taken the chain shirt despite the fact that he does not seem to be easily injured. I haven’t healed him much. I think the shirt should go to someone more vulnerable.
  • During my search, I find that many of the bodies are animated. Although they seem to have some memories of who they once were, questioning them yields no information of use. I offer to send them into the afterworld to bring rest to their souls, but they—much like many of my companions—do not appreciate my efforts.
  • [Meanwhile, Stevie and Frieda find themselves being carried by gargoyles with very angular features. They resist the kidnapping, and Frieda almost dies in the process. Stevie leaves her to find us, but gets attacked by a large spider.]
  • The troll gives us directions to find Stevie and Frieda, and we set off. -ip’s illness is determined to be malaria, so I carry her unconscious body in case she is contagious. Madge and Captain America have fashioned a litter to carry Lunzo.
  • We encounter the spider, and kill it, only to find Stevie cocooned in webbing. During the fight, Madge finds that she is immune to the spider’s venom.
  • Kttt finds that he has been afflicted by brain worms that would normally cause insanity, but for some reason, the worms are dying upon contact with him. We do not know what is giving him or Madge these immunities.
  • A brief search leads to Frieda, who has been infected with botfly maggots.
  • We continue marching deep into the night in order to get closer to the village where the children are being kept, but are delayed by an ant attack. Kttt is weakened by the effect of their bites. I will pray for the ability to restore him in the morning.
  • We camp, and Stevie attempts to crawl into my bedroll—no doubt for suspect reasons. It will be Thursday morning when we wake.
Evil in the Trees

(Still DAY 6)

The party embarks on a path heading into forest going up the mountain. They get a little ways up the trail and are attacked by Savage Baboons and some kind of Demon. The Demon immediately abducts Ip and disappears into the trees.

Illustrae leaps into the trees after the demon.

The fight ensues, and the party discovers the baboons are mutated, perhaps aberrant. They fight until death and even beyond, and then explode with acid once they do die. Frieda gets poisoned in the fight and wounded badly.

The demon drops out of the trees and hits the ground hard, as Illustrae glides down to the ground near it. Her companions rush to her aid and begin pounding the demon, but the demon is a hardy demon.

Some of the party attack it, and it drops a globe of deeper darkness and enervates K’t’t’t’t’t, who takes 1 negative level. As they fight the demon, it gives the party a hard stare, boring into their souls. Most resist, but Lunzo gains a negative level. Nearly tapped out, the demon casts Mass Hold Person so as to buy enough time to escape and get back to it’s prize, Ip, but Freida musters the rage of an entire orc tribe and destroys the demon with her morningstar.

Illustrae urges the party to continue up to the pass, but with Ip missing, as well as Stevie who’d gone after her, locating their companions was a higher priority. Illustrae says they need to go to Augury, a supposed “Seer”, which is in the opposite direction. Augury will find their friends. The demon has many tricks, even in death.

Mordain identifies the demon as a Nabasu, which would have turned K’t’t’t’t’t and Lunzo into undead if it were to slay them with its powers.

The party begins in the other direction to find Augury.

Mordain’s Journal

  • We head up the trail, which has both human-sized tracks and reptilian tracks.
  • Three large baboons drop from the trees—they are malformed (extra faces, etc.)
  • -ip is snatched by a very fast-moving creature from above, and Stevie attempts to give chase. Illustrae jumps up into the trees.
  • We kill the baboons, and find that they explode with acid when they die.
  • Illustrae drops from the trees in combat with a demon. I recognize it as a Nabasu. Its gaze can turn its victims into undead if it kills them, and it can drain energy—an effect that can last for days or even permanently depending on the power of the demon.
  • We slay the demon, although several of the party suffer the energy-draining effect.
  • Our search of the bodies reveals that the baboons appear almost to have been made to look as though they were aberrant, but in truth are actually extra-planar creatures.
  • Illustrae says that we need to go find “Augury,” a seer who can help us find Stevie and –ip, who have not returned.
Hunting Party

(Still DAY 5)

Mordain’s Journal

  • [The party questions the female lizardfolk and learn that her name is Illustrae. She says another piece of our ship landed north of here, possibly with survivors. She doesn’t understand the concept of leaving the island—doesn’t think it’s possible. She believes we came here to help her fight evil.
  • Four other lizardfolk arrive.
  • Illustrae says she believes the children are at a village about a day’s journey northward, and that the villagers will soon start the same ritual on them that they performed on Stevie.
  • A male lizardfolk comes onto –ip, challenges Stevie for the right to mate. A battle ensues, and the lizardfolk backs off.]
  • At the beach, I begin to see flashes of patterns using my ability to detect evil, similar to what Lunzo did with detection of magic. I see paths corresponding with the direction the children were taken, and also leading from where we have buried our dead into the jungle.
  • The party come back to the beach, and set off almost immediately with me, Captain America, and Manten.
  • Tolin offers to do recon, Skald says you’re not going anywhere without me, Zan wants to go, too.
  • When the party reaches the spot that the child-abductors may have been attacked, I notice a pattern of flashes that may have something to do with the kidnappers. Not wanting to lose the trail, I decide to sleep there for the night, and am joined by Captain America and Mantin. Kttt takes the rest of the party to the site of the lizardfolk camp.
  • Soon after, a black shape drops from the trees and tries to fly away with Captain America. I smite it with my bow, it shrieks and flies away, dropping the captain. He has been lacerated badly and is unconscious.
  • We join the rest of the party at the now-deserted lizardfolk camp, and gain double-healing overnight while we sleep.
  • I see flashes of power entering us, although I cannot tell if it is good or evil. It appears to be reddish-orange. The kidnappers’ path appeared to have blue or green energy.

Day 6 on the Island

  • We awaken on Tuesday morning. Captain America requires all of my laying-on of hands to revive, and remembers the sound of chains when he was attacked. Illustrae returns and offers to lead us.
  • 2 hours journey from the camp, we find Skald hanging from some ropes and pulleys in a tree, disemboweled. He has razor-sharp claw marks, his hips are dislocated, and his limbs were bound. He doesn’t appear to have been dragged. Illustrae has seen this happen before, but very rarely. Never to lizardfolk, but to other humans on the island a long time ago.
  • We continue following Illustrae. Kttt sees a tri-kreen and runs after it. It asks “why are you here?” then corrects him and says Kttt must “protect the clutch, protect the island,” then runs off.
  • We cross a valley, then come to the base of a mountain pass. Illustrae says over the mountain, there is a village with a dock—she thinks the children are there.
Suffer the little children
Stevie becomes a dragonborn

(Still DAY 5)

Mordain’s Journal

  • There is a brief discussion as to who will search for the children.
  • Tolin, a rough-looking older human, wants to join the search, as does Zan. Tolin is a famous survivalist-celebrity due to a journal of his adventures that he publishes.
  • I offer to stay and guard the beach. While there, I use my aura of courage to hearten the survivors. The morale of the group improves noticeably, and Mazzia seems to be back on my side.
  • Skald, Tallin, Zan, Kttt, Frieda, -ip and Madge set out.
  • [-ip gets separated from the group, so Kttt tracks back in time to see her entangled by attacking vines.
  • Tolin warns that the plant is carnivorous.
  • Kttt throws –ip out of harms way, then teleports himself away, too, but the plant monster presses the attack until Madge firebolts it to death.]
  • Meanwhile, Lunzo wakes up at Cedric’s. He shares tea with him, only to find that the drink was some sort of caustic liquid disguised by an illusion. Lunzo’s spellcrafting ability allows him to see that Cedric himself is an illusion—or more specifically, a sentient spell. He further deduces that Cedric is probably tied to some object in the apartment.
  • When Lunzo comes to the countdown room, he sees the jagged remains of the pearl instead of the illusory undamaged pearl. He casts detect magic and the countdown clock, which had gone down to 5 minutes, begins to speed up. With the aid of his magic, Lunzo recognizes the entire room as having been disguised by an illusion, and sees the walls of the actual room bulging inward. The clock reaches zero, and he senses a momentary explosion of some sort of magic that leaves behind a lingering aura of expired abjuration, with a powerful illusion triggered as a security measure. From the center of the orb, there are flickers of a canceling effect—as if a connection to some conjuration is barely connecting from moment to moment. The countdown clocks are now going upward in red numerals and read a little above 56 hours. The red dust that was in the bowls around the orb has also disappeared.
  • As Lunzo leaves, he sees Cedric as being completely transparent due to the detect magic spell.
  • Lunzo’s understanding of the various planes of existence leads him to suspect that the apartment is centered on a manifest zone linking to a plane of wildness, savagery and chaos.
  • Due to an extraordinary use of his magical detection, Lunzo is able to see currents of magic throughout the jungle, and is able to follow one magical pathway back to the beach camp. Once there, he trades notes with Mordain, and the two agree that the library warrants further study.
  • [Elsewhere, Stevie experiences a birthing out of some sort of womb after his encounter with the dragon, and finds himself amongst a group of lizardfolk. He has gained transparent scales and an acid breath weapon, apparently as a result of choosing wisely in his previous encounter. He learns that these lizardfolk worship the dragon and are here to fight the evil of the double-baboon-headed creature and its worshippers.
  • After defeating the plant monster, the search party is distracted by the bones of the plant’s victims. No humanoid bones are found, indicating that the locals know to avoid this danger.
  • The tracks they follow are intersected by three-toed, clawed tracks—they are similar to the shod footprints we had seen a few days ago.
  • It is apparent that the three-toed creatures approached the child-abductors cautiously, before some sort of scuffle or fight broke out. The two groups then set off in separate directions, although the searchers cannot determine which group had the children at this point.
  • -ip begins to investigate and sees puddles that look similar to those left by the dissolving creatures we fought earlier, in addition to scorch marks in the trees. She also finds a series of untrampled red flowers that seem to follow the three-toed tracks. Upon pulling one from the ground, she receives an electrical shock.
  • The search party sees smoke up ahead (probably in the same area we saw smoke while atop the mountain), and follow it to a small clearing with an altar in the center. It has a statue of a two-headed baboon creature.
  • At this point, the search party encounters the lizardfolk who Stevie has ended up with. When he hid with the lizardfolk, Stevie found that his scales have a chameleon-like property. During the exchange between groups, Stevie breathes a plume of fire, and speaks in a combination of common and draconic.
  • A female lizardfolk who can speak some common comes forward and asks if the searchers are from the sky. She says that they were able to rescue Stevie because he has chosen the dragon instead of the ancient one, but that the other children may not have chosen as he has. She recognizes –ip’s flower as a dragonflower, and indicates that Stevie has become a dragon of some sort.
  • There is a dead human, one of the group that abducted the children, skewered on a spike sticking out of the altar. The female lizardfolk says that he was a sacrifice, to the dragon? That doesn’t make sense since it’s a baboon-headed altar.]
The Hatch

(Still DAY 4)

Mordain’s Journal

  • Frieda, who was feeling ill, is healed by the cleric in camp, and sets out to join us.
  • I recognize that one of the bowls of dust is powdered blood.
  • Stevie touches the pearl and I see that the pearl is an illusion or effect above a broken shell-shaped object. –ip and Kttt see spikes and horns grow from Stevie, but I do not because I failed a will save.
  • Cedric runs off, claiming we are here to replace him, then he disappears. He reappears in the apartment and doesn’t remember having already met us.
  • Madge sits down to draw a very detailed map of the island. She’s acting kind of strange, but then, doesn’t she always?
  • -ip sweeps her hand through where the pearl appears to be and Cedric runs off again.
  • Kttt and I look at the smaller pearl that I am carrying, and see tortured faces within it.
  • When Cedric reappears again, he shows me his library, and tells me it will explain his mission better.
  • Stevie stabs Cedric’s foot without warning, then runs away. Kttt tries to heal the wound, then I make it worse. Cedric runs away again.
  • After Frieda shows up, we search the rest of the complex, finding a well-stocked pantry, an exercise room, a bath/sauna (with a seemingly endless supply of fresh water), a bedroom (strangely, Lunzo is now sleeping in the bed), and a locked door that leads into a long dark corridor. –ip and Stevie venture in, and the door closes behind them, revealing magical writing on the back of the door. The end of the corridor is blocked by rubble, with a hint of poisonous gas on the other side? Madge makes a very detailed copy of the writing from the door.
  • The library contains a journal, log books, schedules from 18 years ago that indicate a community of as many as 50 people were at this outpost. There was a regular ferry then. Sadly, the books disappear and reappear back on their shelves when we try to take them out of the apartment.
  • Cedric asks if he is dead. He starts to remember his multiple incarnations in the last few minutes. I am familiar enough with such things to know he isn’t undead (or aberrant or extra-planar), but can’t figure out his exact nature.
  • We go back to camp, and tell them about the food and water source. Frieda attempts to sell her food to the other survivors, then hoards it all for herself when she gets no takers.
  • Stevie throws a dagger at Skald for killing a bird he had caught for a pet, but I’m the only one who notices his intent (he missed badly).
  • I try to get Mazzia to establish a system of courts and tribunals to deal with lawbreakers, offer my services as prosecuting attorney, and suggest Frieda and Stevie as the first two defendants, but this upsets her. She says I’ve been playing around in the jungle too much, and not helping out around the camp. The crowd starts to murmur against me. I meekly offer to do manual labor for the rest of the evening.
  • The cleric, Father Feres, offers to heal us. He mentions wanting to keep the health of the children monitored. I believe he might be a pedophile.
  • Kttt tells stories, while trying to explain to the survivors what we’ve seen in our sorties.
  • We set watches and go to sleep

Stevie wakes in the middle of the night to a deserted camp. He sees smoke and goes to it, finding a cabin. In the window, he sees comfort food, and an inviting bed. He eats, then sleeps and dreams of a large friendly blue dragon. The dragon tells Stevie that he has a choice to make between the dragon, who wants him to learn to fight evil, and an image of Frieda, who has appeared looking like a succubus offering protection. The dragon offers to teach Stevie. Frieda then spears the dragon mortally and Stevie chooses the dragon, who smears blood on Stevie’s forehead, saying he has been chosen.

Day 5 on the Island

  • The next morning (Monday), we wake and all the children are gone. Skald and Kttt find tracks—the children (9 total, including Stevie) all seem to have gone away without a struggle. 3 larger sets of tracks entered the camp, were joined by Father Feres, and the 4 led the children away, apparently.
  • We muster a party to chase after the kids, with Skald and Kttt leading.
The Sovereign Initiative

Day 4 on the Island

Mordain’s Journal

  • Awaken Sunday morning, mention to group that I will hold talks about the Silver Flame every Sunday morning. Many crowd around as I tell Madge and Lunzo about the origin and nature of the Silver Flame.
  • I check out the bites on Madge and Frieda—neither appear to be poisoned.
  • We borrow a skiff (Mazzia pilots), to explore stone structure –ip saw. Lunzo mentions a kraken that might live in the water, Mazzia says there may be one.
  • We row until reaching a massive statue of a two-headed creature with baboon faces that has 4 tentacles instead of arms. It faces the sea. Something large has dredged along the seafloor heading away from the statue. My planar knowledge tells me it is an ancient god or creature from another plane or perhaps Khyber that represents savagery and chaos. It is unmarred in any way save for some moss and the stone is not local, although the pedestal is made of local stone that shows signs of weathering.
  • Madge climbs the statue and is hit with a poisoned spear.
  • Several poison dusk lizardfolk attack us for desecrating their temple (they shout this in draconic). We kill 3 and they run off.
  • Stevie finds a sharp blue rock on the beach—what is it?
  • We leave the bodies in a respectful manner.
  • Kttt scans horizon and sees there isn’t a horizon (we’re in a bubble?). Sees islands a few miles out.
  • We return to camp to drop off Mazzia, and then set off to look for the waterfall, but get sidetracked and find metal door in the ground, marked with the symbol of the Sovereign Host. We try to open the door, and get hit by a sonic blast, but open it on the second try. Inside is a symbol of Aureon, the Sovereign Host’s patron of knowledge and law, and a 30’ vertical shaft with a ladder, leading to a horizontal tunnel illuminated by magical lights. There is music coming from behind a metal door at the end of tunnel.
  • Inside is a nice apartment, and we find Cedric in it. He’s paranoid, but calms down. It’s been 6 years since he came here from the Lhazaar Principalities, sent by the Sovereign Initiave (he doesn’t recognize the term Sovereign Host) to “save the world” every 2 hours and 13 minutes by pouring dust on a large black ball mounted on an obelisk (to keep it from exploding?). He blacked out the same time we crashed—the only time he skipped the dusting. He doesn’t remember if the blackout was the cause or the effect of missing the dusting. When he woke, his countdown clocks were going backwards, so he sprinkled dust and they went back to normal.
  • I foolishly detect evil on the big ball and it feels like my head split into a good and an evil part and they fought. I think I almost died.
Savage Discovery

After wrecking on the Island, the party establishes a camp on the beach and then heads inland to find a water source and get a better lay of the land. They’ve found reptilian bipedal tracks, except whoever made them are wearing a kind of sandal. They also discovered a large bear track.

They travel up to the top of a mountain ridge and get a vantage point. Beyond, a valley with another set of mountains opposite.

Larissa says to make sure our people are who they say they are. The Others can imitate or blend in.

Mordain’s Journal

  • Morning comes, fog is still everywhere except the top of the peak. It is Saturday. We breakfast on boar meat and Ktttt starts to lead us toward the lights we saw last night
  • We agree to meet at the mountain top if separated
  • Trees are very thick, some are mango trees, we eat them
  • We find medium sized footprints, someone has gone both ways on this path and has tried to obscure their passing.
  • Lots of monkeys in this area, no sense of evil in them.
  • A rock drops near us, then they start throwing rocks (we appear to be in their territory)
  • We try to run to the other side of their territory, then it gets really quiet, not even bird noises, and the pursuing monkeys seem to be gone
  • -ip sees a reddish, purple slime on a tree, she tastes it and it’s kind of like blood, below it is a section of earth that appears to be dried out—where a small pool of acid sat before sinking into the ground, according to Ktttt. Maybe an ooze was destroyed here? Kttt sees a hole in the tree where a projectile hit the tree
  • The chittering starts up, then stops when we start moving again. Silence becomes oppressive.
  • We come to the base of a cliff—maybe the other side of the valley? There’s a boat (22’ long) sitting on the ground, maybe made of soarwood. Grass under it is dead. It may have been up on the top of the cliff and then fallen to here. It has barnacles, etc. that indicate it has been used in water
  • There are 2 rotting human? bodies—dead for months by my healing estimation, the skull looks like it has claw-marks, as does the boat itself, I recognize one body as being dressed like a priest of the Sovereign Host
  • Frieda and I hear growling, see some sort of hunched-over creatures coming from around the boat—we fight them and kill them. They dissolve into acid when they die. Their bites seem to be poisonous—Madge and Frieda were bitten, and –ip licked the blood off the tree
  • We meet a disheveled woman named Larissa, armed with a crossbow. She’s scared, confused, and has been here for 16 years. She says that there are “others” who will kill us, that the bites of the creatures will turn you into one of them within a day, that this place will make us sick, and to beware of the baboons.
  • We search the boat and find 6 flasks of alcohol and a package of brownish powder (maybe opium), drug paraphernalia. Madge finds a magic black pearl. I detect evil in it so potent, it knocks me out. I wake up fatigued. I offer to carry it, reasoning that I will be most resistant to its aura.
  • Larissa says that the silences mean we’re in an area of evil.
  • We find and cross a river with a waterfall hiding a cavern behind it.
  • We get back to camp. Larissa tells us to be certain that all the members of our group are who we think they are. The others apparently can impersonate people. The others seek out children and already have her children. I offer to help her, and she finally seems to consider that we might be of some use, but she leaves for now
  • Mazzia says that 7 skiffs have been recovered—they hold 7-8 each. They work in the water, but the magic that makes them fly is gone. Some people are missing during the night—one of whom was a child.
  • Avner, a human, a skinny guy with a poser noble mustache, steps forward to bitch about something—I slap him before he can speak and say we’re all in this together in an attempt to head off a scene that could hurt the morale of the survivors. Skald loves seeing him slapped.
  • Kalibar says there is a cleric among us
  • Dramgrim makes some armor for –ip out of the armor I brought back from the boat.
  • Torren, a gnome, kicking back and smoking a cigar, seems to think he could make an aphrodisiac out of the powder, but decides not to.
  • I warn the survivors about the threat of impersonation. Zan, elf monk, says I’m a racist after I accidentally use changelings as an example of the sort of magic we may be up against. I backtrack. He’s actually a changeling—Mazzia is very shocked to find this out
  • We divide into groups of 4 and share questions and answers to use as passwords
  • Ktttt terrifies everyone with his attempts to calm them
  • We set watches and sleep, awaken on Sunday.
  • Frieda has stolen 7 gp from my backpack while carrying it for me as I recovered from the shock of the evil I felt in the pearl—I have not confronted her about it. I hope to make her understand that we are being looked upon by the rest of the survivors as their only hope for survival. We need to set a better example than this. If we don’t stick together as a group, we’ll either not survive, or at best end up like Larissa.
2. Unlikely breakfast

Mordain’s Journal

  • An elf ranger named Skald, a passenger, pulls out a crossbow, lights it on fire and shoots. He seems to use magic items, but poorly.
  • The dinosaur radiates evil, and is aberrant. It has a mouth in its chest and tentacles. It kills a crewmember, but we slay it.
  • Captain America thinks there shouldn’t be an island here according to his maps. He also says that the ship was pulled down.
  • The star pattern is familiar, but not quite lining up where they should be. The ranger can’t find north even though he should be able to. Detect evil keeps going haywire, too.
  • Mazzia asks if anyone has seen the bosun, Velgram Lintorm. No one has.
  • We’re attacked by and kill a two-headed aberrant boar, then cook it for breakfast

Day 2 on the Island

  • In the morning (Friday), others go to the ship to salvage items, while we enter the forest, finding tracks—perhaps a large dog-like creature?
  • We find the trail of some medium-sized bipeds. The footprints are shod, but have three clawed toes sticking out the front. They seem reptilian.
  • We find a stream after an hour, spend 4 more hours going up a mountain for a better view, see smoke (bigger than campfire) inland, and wait for night to look for lights.
  • We see some torches heading towards a glow further inland. (same direction as smoke)
  • During the night, I hear chittering and a fog rolls in. We detect a low ambient level of evil and transmutive magic throughout the night. During day, detect evil still goes haywire, but this background evil only appears at night There are still flashes here and there of stronger evil Planar knowledge tells me we might be in an area where Mabar is coterminous, but it seems more like Xoriat.

Day 3 on the Island

  • Morning breaks. Saturday. Looking down at the survivors’ camp on the beach, we see no signs of trouble, so plan to head further inland towards the glow we saw last night.
  • -ip sees some man-made stone structure on another beach.

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