Eberron Pathfinder LOST

Strange Weather

Day 17

Mordain’s Journal

  • We set out with the intention of questioning Augury the troll, as none of us have any real idea of how to reach the Dol Dorran station.
  • Some time into our trek, we begin to hear chittering in the jungle around us. There seems to be an element of giggling or mockery in the noise.
  • Before any of us have time to ruminate upon what that might mean, Lunzo is struck by an arrow and a magically-summoned cold lightning begins to strike down at us from the clouds. We are ambushed by a force of lizardfolk archers led by a tentacled humanoid sorcerer. We are able to slay the most powerful of the attackers and Kttt uses some sort of enchantment to control two of the archers.
  • Several things that bear greater scrutiny have occurred during this battle. First of all, it has become evident that Ezra has undergone other changes from his time within the source well. He has become much faster, stronger and more agile, and strangely, appears to have gained the ability to channel healing magic into his companions. Unfathomably, he seemed to heal both Madge and me by the power of the Silver Flame during the fight.
  • I was able to make out some phrases in Draconic that the tentacled being was muttering during the battle—something about the “great old one.” We gather that the name of the tentacled creature was Kuthrik. Searching his body reveals a pad of paper with writing that indicates the members of this ambush party are followers of Demogorgon, and have been tracking us for days. We also find a magical amulet, 4 magical rings, a spear with some sort of markings, and plans written in Infernal that give incomplete instructions on how to make the black pearls. The ritual requires something called an Abyssal Oyster, and has a reference to mind flayers that concludes with the instructions “take the pearl to the brain.”
  • Lastly, we find a written directive addressed to all who worship the great old one, stating that the master needs the sword, to find Exortius and bring it back to the temple. It is signed by Vanthis. [DM NOTE: Actually it was signed “V”, but it’s completely in character for Mordain to be that presumptuous]
  • Kttt turns into a wyvern and flies in order to scout the area. He encounters resistance as he rises and cannot fly higher than a certain level. He sees a plume of smoke in the distance, but cannot make out what is the source.
  • As he returns to ground, Larissa appears from with the jungle. She is quite interested in our information that Vanthis has been in the village recently, as it turns out he is her son. She also has a daughter named Lavinia. Previous to receiving our information about Vanthis, she had not heard anything about their whereabouts for years. She has been to the Dol Dorran station, and offers to lead us to Augury’s lair.
  • Upon our arrival at the troll’s cave, Augury comes out and plucks Trig from the bushes, tearing him to pieces before our very eyes. As is often the case with my companions, they do not seem immediately put out by this display of wanton evil, and as such, I bide my time to bring about the end of this monstrous creature. She will not walk this earth much longer.
  • We seek refuge in the side cave we have slept in before, and prepare to spend the night.
The Source Well

Day 16

Mordain’s Journal

  • Xenalynn pulls out a curved dagger and slices frieda, drips blood on a black pearl, then tosses the pearl to me, I catch it and see angry faces in it and feel power emanating from it.
  • She dimension doors away (without using magic)
  • Stevie slaps the pearl out of my hand into the water, it breaks and nauseates me, Stevie starts to mutate, wave of energy washes over us, then a humanoid globual mud thing comes out of the water and snatches Alastair, another with a weird crazy face with rocks for teeth tries to snatch me. Many have morphed into those acid-blood things, and kttt has gained a head and a few more arms and legs. Frieda goes orc and gains a face in her chest, and and extra mouth on her arm. Stevie grows another jaw and another set of eyes, and his wings get screwed up. None of the mutants seem rational.
  • Everyone starts attacking each other
  • I dive in after Alistair, but am booted out by a mud cock
  • The pond freezes.
  • Stevie blasts a hole and I find Ezra in it, I heal him
  • Alistair is dead when we pull him out of the frozen lake
  • Madge takes his Silver Flame holy symbol
  • Kttt uses the drow helmet to see that Xenalynn watched us and then teleported away
  • Ezra doesn’t like the smell of my blood, is cured

- There is a thing which nothing is, it does no harm, feels no pain, it creeps beside you with no name, one color true but no size, was never birthed and never dies. Riddle that was on the stones. The answer to this riddle must go over the water.

- Mirror on a strange land lies still, no reflection of its power, one image seen, one mind to behold, water of the body fed the mirror can walk fire …

  • Alistairs book has a detailed picture of the sword from the dol arrah temple, with Garush, an orc name written near it. The sword has karnathi inscriptions near the base, then at the tip, silver flame engravings.
  • Ezra says Demogorgon is closer to our plane and more powerful because of the pearl being broken
  • We try to get go away from the pool, but end up back there again.
  • The Lord of Blades has united all warforged on all continents according to google [DM NOTE: Random? WTF?]
  • We wander for several hours, and find a clearing on the eastern side of the valley, a little more central, at the base of the mountains.

Day 17 on the Island

  • It is late morning. We have stayed up the entire night. We go through a few areas in the forest where no sound occurs, we walk for a couple hours and sound comes back. This has happened twice by the time we get to the clearing. We make camp and sleep uneventfully for the rest of the day.
  • we burn Alistairs body.
  • We are a couple hours from Augury the troll lady, the coastline is a couple of hours away
The Game

Day 16

Mordain’s Journal

  • Ezra is covered with dried blood, and seems to be sleeping contentedly. Maybe Alistair did something to feed Ezra I cast “find temple”, no Silver Flame temples within 11 miles, but we are in a temple of a LG god.
  • “Source Well” is an Ezra term. It’s probably called something else.
  • Manten can make the bars bend out of the way.
  • Lunzo tags himself (will last for one month). “OMAK LIVES
  • Half the day goes by.
  • Conrad shows up with Soller, both are evil.
  • Alastair goes back in the cage.
  • We get an ultimatum “Tell us why you are here, or every hour we will come down and kill one of you.”
    Here’s our thoughts:
  • Me—I keep surviving the chain monster
  • Lunzo—can’t seem to die. Chasing a girl, now you’re not
  • Stevie—dream choose between a dragon and some sort of demon—he chose the dragon. Breath weapon corresponds with the dragonflowers
  • The whole island is magic. Two magics on this island?
  • Manifest zone. The planar sense is chaotic, insane, feral.
  • Madges dream of demogorgon and demons coming here to destroy everything.
  • The chain monster is like a kyton, but isn’t actually one.
  • The dragons fought off the demons originally, then giants came and ended up with a stalemate (argonessen for dragons, xendrik for giants, goblins for khorvair)
  • Illustrae was a dragonborn, as was her tribe. Lizardfolk were guarding the demogorgon temple.
  • Madge—is empty inside, and mechanical. Silver flame vessel? Dreamed that demogorgon showed up with devils and demons, along with warmachines and half-flesh/half machine creatures also—celestials fighting them. ships from the sky come and battle the devils and demons. Also saw that the Silver Flame told her to find OMAC and get him going again. She called out to the Flame to help her.

One hour passes:

  • Conrad comes down and kills Kursh
    Another hour passes:
  • Then Xenalynn kills lunzo
  • Conrad says he didn’t kill anyone, then lets us out
  • The building we are in is a small temple to Dol Arrah (deity of honorable combat and sacrifice and sunlight).
  • 3 statues of angels on one side
  • 3 statures of dragons on the other side
  • Tomb with a large sword lying on top
  • Conrad, etc. are not dressed like anything in this temple—at least not outwardly showing that they are a part of this religion
  • OMAC is at Dol Dorn’s place
  • Vanthis isn’t returned
  • Dragonborn are the hope of this island
  • No children can be born. The source of the island’s power (i.e. “the source”) is Demogorgon.
  • Demogorgon is tethered in Khyber, but is getting loose. The event that crashed our ship, also loosened his bonds. Chain reaction revolving around those black pearls. We should collect them. The other one was found on the north shore.
  • Look for stairs going down into the ground in the eastern mountains, they can send a guide.
  • Xenalynn says she’ll take us to where the spring should be, an item of vanthis’ will hopefully let it manifest. After an hour to get ready, we are led to the fence, then we’re let out, we travel for the rest of the day.
  • Night falls. We have no idea where we have been led. It seems like we are defying geography. X tosses a coin into the forest, it lands with a sploosh. The grass shimmers as liquid. Canopy opens up and moonlight shines on a ring of stone with runes carved into it. She says to dive in. Ezra disappears once he’s in. The runes are a riddle.


Beyond the Fence

Day 15

Mordain’s Journal

  • Kttt joins Stevie
  • Shiny metal things skitter towards us
  • Soller is the leader, he’s your usual arrogant fuckwad
  • Metal things come out and disarm, we get chopped up, etc.
  • Mazzia, Kalibar Jenks, Torin, etc. are there after we saw them dead. They seem to be free and a part of the community. Mazzia is satified to see me tied up.
  • We’re taken to the only stone building in the town. A temple. Conrad is there dressed in robes. More gloating.
  • We’re all put in cells. Conrad says they are going to question us. Lunzo is placed in a cell near us.
  • There’s a beaten man down there. I heal him a bit and he says he’s Kursh Refton. He crashed here, less than a year ago. The villagers attacked us and killed some
  • Sailing vessel named the Blue Nixie. Swam ashore. He’s still being beaten regularly because they think hes part of the Sovereign Initiative.
  • Kursh was a merchant, a smuggler.
  • Lunzo says the dead body on the beach were an illusion
  • A few hours later, jailors bring food. They say someone will come check on us, but no one does. Ezra goes nuts even though I fed him some of my own blood.
  • Most don’t get a good night’s sleep
  • Stevie shows up around midnight. He gets a door open and lights burst everywhere from glowing stones in the ceiling. Footsteps from nearby buildings
  • Conrad comes down with a few others. Alastair offers to quiet Ezra, and puts everyone to sleep except Ezra.

Day 16 on the Island

  • We all wake up on Friday morning. Conrad takes Alistair away for questioning.
The Mad Avner

Day 14 on the Island

Mordain’s Journal

  • We wake to the sound of Avner screaming. Not a bad start to the day.
  • Lunzo awakens paralyzed with a massive pain in his neck. An ax chops into him, then he’s attacked by Ezra.
  • Stevie wakes and sees Madge strangling Avner. This day is just getting better and better. She’s wearing the drow’s bracer of invisibility.
  • Once we get everyone separated from each other, some confusion reigns. Avner says he saw Madge steal the white pearl I had in my backpack. Cedric shows up and says he saw Madge’s ax float into Lunzo’s room, then saw the pearl float away from me. And there’s the question of how Ezra got out of the locked passageway.
  • Fizzletwitch gets the passageway door open so we can figure out how Ezra escaped, but when the door opens, a massive threatening blob attacks us from the other side of the door. We manage to dispatch it, and Alastair identifies it as a chaos beast.


Day 15 on the Island

  • We go back to sleep and wake on Thursday morning.
  • Alastair says OMAC is mentioned in the books he has read. His name is an acronym, and even though he arrived with the Sovereign Initiative quite some time ago, he is a follower of the Silver Flame. He also believes Larith is from a different faction than the current members of the village.
  • After breakfast, we set out to find the village. Stevie and Lunzo manage to activate the metal plate we saw Conrad use to get away. Stevie is able to glide in the air, but Lunzo is sent to parts unknown—probably to the village.
  • We get in the magic boat, and Trig proves to be the best pilot. After passing the demogorgon statue and the burnt cabins where we encountered the children, we see a large wooden pyramid inland.
  • We leave the boat a few hundred feet from the shore and begin following a river inland. Stevie flies down and joins us.
  • Kttt leads us for several hours until we find a series of 30’ high stone pillars with glowing bluish rings on each. Stevie tries to go through the barrier while holding his pyramid and is badly hurt and deafened.
  • Alastair mentions that Illustrae’s people may have an understanding with the villagers.
  • Ezra manipulates Stevie’s pyramid from a Y into a T shape and uses it to pass us through the fence. Stevie and Fizzletwitch hide in order to spy on the villagers we assume are approaching and the rest of us hide further back
-Ip Goes Blip

Day 13

Mordain’s Journal

*Before leaving the Olladra station, we burn Tolin’s body. Fortunately, Stevie was not bitten by –ip’s body.

  • Ezra disappears when we exit the station. Lunzo believes that Ezra is wearing the bracers of greater invisibility that we took from the drow.
  • When we arrive at the station, there is no sign of the dragon. There are undead in the tunnels below, but they leave us alone when Stevie shows them the pyramid. A few of them mutter something about how we “don’t smell like the sickness” as we pass by them.
  • When we get to Larith’s chamber, Ezra is already there, looking like he has just weathered some sort of electrocution. The two of them are finishing up some ritual. Larith says he should have become a ghoul from the bite, but is instead half-way between undead and living. Apparently, it’s going to take a powerful cure disease spell or a trip to something called a Source Well to cure him. The only person on the island who knows the location of this well is Vanthis—although no one has seen him for a while now.
  • As I continue to question Ezra, I am beginning to believe that his remorseless statements do not stem from him having become a sociopathic monster, but rather from the simple fact that he is staggeringly inept at communicating with others. In his convoluted way, he is trying to tell us he has no control over this unnatural hunger. If this is so, as I now suspect, he is as much a victim of Larith’s work as Tolin.
  • Ezra notes that watching Larith work has led him to believe he wields very powerful magic that is neither divine, arcane, psionic nor any other recognizable type.
  • I attempt to get some information out of Larith concerning the village, but he is uncooperative. I tell him that Madge’s dream may indicate the cultists are getting close to a breakthrough, but he seems uninterested in offering any information that might help us thwart them. While talking to him, we are able to piece together that Omack is a warforged, and that he was shorted out by the same event that crashed our ship.
  • I hear Frieda’s cry of rage from the hallway, and rush to find her. Upon arrival, I see that –ip’s arrow is sticking out of Frieda’s back.
  • Ezra arrives and makes everyone nauseous.
  • The arrow removes itself from Frieda’s back and plunges into me. While the arrow attacks me again, -ip becomes visible to me, glaring at me with a murderous rage and continuing to radiate the strong aura of evil I have sensed in her since she became a ghost.
  • Doubting that I can survive another attack, I grasp the arrow and crush its gemstone beneath my foot. The vision of –ip that I saw disappears. Frieda believes that –ip’s ghost has been destroyed after viewing these events with the drowish helmet.
  • Frieda is furious that I have destroyed the gemstone. Stevie follows her lead and stabs me with a poisoned dagger.
  • Rather than retaliate, I attempt to forge a truce with Stevie. I do not wish to see our group torn apart at this point, and no one else seems likely to play the peacemaker. Furthermore, Stevie’s transformation and the vision that accompanied it indicate he may have an important role to play in our time on this island. I am now the third person he has stabbed without provocation since our arrival on the island, however, and his behavior must be changed.
  • On our way to the Aureon station, Ezra develops a hunger again, but we stave it off with a monkey. He says it only barely diminishes the desire to feed on one of us.
  • We run across a badly wounded Kttt, who is accompanied by a human named Trig. Trig is one of the passengers from the Golden Dragon and had been among the group that was on the beach. He was out on one of the skiffs when the beach camp was destroyed, and has been wandering in the jungle since that event. He saw Kttt flying through the air as if catapulted from a great distance, landing in the water unconscious. Trig mentions that the bodies are no longer on the beach, and the weird aura has lifted from the area.
  • We arrive at the Aureon station. Alastair says he has learned from his reading that there are three factions at odds with each other on the island. The village was originally built by the Sovereign Initiative, but he does not know what faction or factions may be using it now. There is also a native group that opposes them, and maybe a splinter group from the natives. He also informs us that there are a total of ten stations.
  • Cedric appears and rather testily says that we’re all going to die soon when the world ends. He blames us, saying that the black sphere broke when we entered the room that housed it. Lunzo and I check on the room and see the bowls around the pedestal are empty. There is no longer a countdown clock. The broken sphere does not radiate any evil—not even a lingering aura. It has been ten days since we first came to this room. My theory is that the sphere housed something that is now loose. Whatever it was, they were feeding small amounts of blood to it.
  • We lock Ezra in the collapsed passageway and sleep for the night. It will be Wednesday morning, our fourteenth day on the island, when we wake.
Black Monday

Day 12

Mordain’s Journal

  • Arriving at the Olladra station, we use some healing potions—and notice that they have an alcoholic effect. Frieda gets drunk off of them. Madge and Ezra retire to sleeping rooms.
  • I ask –ip to pick up an arrow if she is with us, and nothing happens. Kttt places her body on the table in the main room, and the lights in the station dim. Lunzo detects some sort of magical energy radiating out of her body that appears to be causing the effect. We remove her body from the table.
  • A couple of minutes later, Madge comes out of her room. She looks much more worn out and sickly than when she went to lie down. She tells me that the island caused her to dream about demons or devils coming into our world, led by the two-headed baboon creature—which she names “Demogorgon”—and wreaking destruction.
  • I check in on Ezra and see that he has started to ooze some sort of black ichor from his eyes, ears, nose, etc.
  • Back out in the main room, Lunzo dispels the magic that is affecting Madge, causing blood to explode out of her in all directions. It appears that the magical malady is expelled with the blood, however. She appears quite tired, but cured. Kttt finds a drink for her, which fills her with a manic energy.
  • Madge becomes too agitated to stay within the station and heads out the door, with Kttt in tow.
  • While this is happening, Lunzo and I discuss Ezra. Lunzo believes he has been bitten by an undead that was created by contagion rather than a necromancer.
  • Avner is also affected by a drink he finds in the station, but the less said about that, the better. (What happens in the Olladra station, stays in the Olladra station).
  • Suddenly, I receive a vision of Madge’s face being torn apart, followed by the number 100. Seeing that she is not with us, I run out the door and see that the chain monster has appeared.
  • I run towards the black cloud that surrounds the creature and am pierced by several chains. Its attacks are infused with unholy power and are particularly damaging against me. Despite this, I hack at the creature and manage to drive it away, although again I am left with the impression that I have not gravely wounded it.
  • I find Madge’s body on the ground, obviously dead, with large pieces of flesh and other tissue torn away from the skeleton. Incomprehensibly, her skeleton appears to be manufactured out of various metals. The only sign of Kttt is a large splatter of blood.
  • I call to Stevie and he helps me search the jungle for a couple of hours, but we can find no trace of Kttt.
  • Stevie agrees to stay up as a lookout, and I retire for the night.
  • During the watch, Stevie hears groaning or grunting noises, then sees –ip’s animated body rise from the table in a state of advanced decay. The body attacks him and the sound of fighting awakens me. I enter the room and am attacked also. The body bites me and I am quite certain that I would have been infected if not for the divine protection that runs through my blood. Before I can dispatch the body, Madge’s animated body appears behind –ip’s and chops it in half with her axe.
  • I check on the other members of the party and find Ezra covered in Tolin’s blood. Ezra appears considerably paler but claims to feel much healthier. Upon further questioning, he admits that he awoke with an overpowering bloodlust and murdered Talin before feeding upon his body. I take possession of Ezra’s spell component pouch and his spell book, and am faced with a dilemma. If Ezra has become an evil creature, it is my duty to slay him forthright; however, it may be that he has fallen sway to some vile effect, in which case the attempt should be made to cure him.
  • After praying for guidance in the matter, I invoke a protection against evil upon him and attempt to spark a resurgence of his natural defenses against whatever foul effect he has fallen prey to, but neither spell seem to have any effect.

Day 13 on the Island

  • The rest of the party wakes up. It is Tuesday morning. Madge enters the main room with the damage she had suffered yesterday healed somehow. Her eyes glow with a silver light and she intimates that she has become a convert to the Church of the Silver Flame.
  • She tells of another dream in which she has received instructions to restore a man (possibly another servant of the Silver Flame) named “Omack.” According to her vision, he has fallen and must be brought back to life with the help of an artificer to help stave off the appearance of Demogorgon on our plane. Ezra tells us that Omack lived in the village on the island, but the villagers say he died on the day our ship crashed.
  • We resolve to return to the apartment at the Aureon station with a stop at the Boldrei station to question Larith about the events of the past 24 hours. Ezra’s condition was brought on by a creature of his creation—hopefully, he has the answer to what we can do about it. Further, since it seems we may need to visit the village, we need to ask him about getting past their defenses.
  • We burn –ip’s body completely, and I believe we should dispose of Tolin’s body in the same way before departing.
  • I still need to ask Stevie if he was bitten while fighting –ip’s body.
  • Now that I think of it, I need to take the drowish backpack from Ezra, also.
  • When we return to the Aureon station, we can see if Alastair has learned anything from his reading in the library, pick up Manten, and hopefully drop off Avner before seeking to confirm or disprove the veracity of Madge’s dream.
  • I must collect my thoughts concerning Ezra. I will not allow him to feed again—so the time to seek a cure is limited. But even if Larith offers such a cure, is Ezra deserving of a pardon for his crime? Baleful influence or not, I believe he was fully cognizant of his actions and he decided of his own free will to attack Tolin.
  • And what of the others—disturbingly, with the exception of Madge, none of my companions seem particularly upset at the violent and unprovoked murder of an innocent man. Their apathy in the face of true evil has led me to question exactly what sort of souls I find myself in league with on this Flame-forsaken island.
Larith the Beautiful

Day 11

Mordain’s Journal

  • Kttt and I study –ip’s body more closely. The blood vessels have become black and are visible under her skin. Closer inspection reveals that the two arrows in her have small blue gems on the end, one glowing. When removed, some blood mixed with a black substance oozes out of the wounds. According to Ezra, there is a strong necromantic magic associated with these arrows.
  • I argue that we should set out for the healing station at once, but while I am trying to convince the others, some unseen force levitates an arrow into the air, opens my backpack, and places the arrow within my pack.
  • As we attempt to find a explanation for the levitating arrow, -ip’s body slides violently across the floor and into the door leading out into the central area of the keep.
  • We theorize that –ip’s soul has been drawn into the arrow. Madge remembers the seer telling her she is empty inside, and decides that she wants to transfer –ip’s soul into her own body, if possible. The body convulses when she states her intention to attempt this. Stevie tries to stab the arrow into Madge, but it is deflected off target when he does.
  • Frieda thinks to scan the area for invisible objects with her drowish helmet and sees that –ip is in the room, and apparently has been moving the arrow and her body in an attempt to communicate with us. She pantomimes to Frieda that she is quite pleased with her new circumstances, so we decide to remain in the secured room for the rest of the night.

Day 12 on the Island

  • On Monday morning, we awake to find a detailed map of the keep and the tunnels below drawn out on the floor. It seems –ip can travel through walls in her incorporeal form and has spent the night scouting the area for us.
  • Lunzo removes his magical lock from the door and we head back into the basement.
  • When we come to the first closed doors, I detect the presence of several evil undead creatures waiting for us, and also sense evil radiating from –ip. I believe she may have become undead.
  • Through the doors, we encounter a pair of animated corpses and dispatch them. Madge runs forward into an ambush from several skeletal archers, and is struck by an arrow similar to the two that hit –ip. Ezra clears out the archers with an acidic explosion, and we continue.
  • We encounter more undead creatures, and Ezra gets bitten by one of them. Although no effect is immediately apparent, it seems certain that the creature has passed on some poison or disease with the wound.
  • Pressing further, we encounter several intelligent undead who call out an alarm, labeling us as “cultists” as they attack us. These creatures are armed with small glass vials that explode with a deafening noise when thrown.
  • We reach a chamber that is lit by two large braziers on either side of the stairs leading up to it. In the center of the room is a human who bears horrible scars across the entire left side of his face. The floor beneath him is decorated with a large representation of Boldrei’s holy symbol, surrounded by a circular pattern. The human causes the fires in the braziers to flare up in an attempt to keep us back, but a few of us make it into the room. I decide to rush him, but find I cannot get past the circular pattern on the floor. I shoot an arrow at him, but it is deflected straight back at me. The human blasts us with sonic energy, accuses us of being cultists and threatens to destroy the entire tunnel complex if that’s what it takes to kill us.
  • At this point, I drop my weapons and assure the human I am a paladin of the Silver Flame, and certainly not a cultist. A brief stand-off occurs, but the human appears to reconsider his belligerent attitude.
  • He drops the shielding magic and we talk. His name is Larith, and he is a member of the Sovereign Initiative. He has been holed up in the tunnels beneath the keep for probably 20 years (ever since it was overrun by the cultists), although he seems not to have aged during that time. He remembers Vanthis as a child, and reveals that Vanthis is Larissa’s son. The purpose of this station is to power the defenses of the initiate, and to this day he continues to power the shields set up to defend the village. The cultists are those who worship the two-headed “ancient one” and for some reason they are drawn to this keep. They are attempting to summon this creature to our world, and the initiative had been making advances to thwart them in this endeavor. One of the stations is located on another island. The bodies upstairs died defending the keep.
  • I show him the black pearl and he says to avoid getting blood near it, and warns against trying to destroy it.
  • Larith offers to give us some sonic bombs and Ezra and Kttt take several. He says that Stevie’s small pyramid is the symbol of the village and that we can present it to future undead guardians if we wish to return to the keep without being attacked.
  • We decide to head to the healing station to find cures for Madge and Ezra, and travel there without incident.
Boldrei Station pt 1

Day 11

Mordain’s Journal

  • Upon further inspection, Madge notes that at least some of the damage done to the keep was caused by explosive force emanating from within the walls. Lunzo determines that this occurred within the last 20 years. Madge mentions something about “schmellos,” but I do not know what the word means.
  • We encounter the missing members of our party, but they appear insubstantial to us, as we do to them. I attempt to heal some of Kttt’s wounds, but he only receives half of the healing energy I have channeled to him.
  • We move closer to the keep and are attacked by a pair of very large toad-like creatures that emerge from pools of water near the entrance. Both are dispatched, and Frieda takes one of the creatures’ tongues as a trophy.
  • Stevie enters the keep, sees an old smear of blood leading away towards some steps leading up, then finds a curved dagger which he keeps.
  • Madge enters and follows the blood smear into another room, where she notices two dead bodies before being attacked by a dragon.
  • Several smaller creatures—apparently related to the dragon in some way—rush out from other areas of the ruin and join the dragon in attacking us with electrical breath weapons. Lunzo is killed, and I am rendered unconscious from my wounds, but the creatures are slain. Kttt revives me, and Lunzo’s troll-bestowed regeneration ability brings him back from death after several minutes. He is extremely pale when he comes back.
  • The two bodies have been long dead (almost totally reduced to skeletons). One appears to have been female and wears black studded leather armor and an amulet around her neck that features a black iron triangle with an upside-down yellow Y on it. She also carried several jade stones that I recognize as having some religious significance. The male wears chain mail and carried a heavy mace, a short bow, and a lilac-colored stone mask. Both weapons radiate magic.
  • A search of the rest of the ground level reveals collapsed rooms, a locker full of antlers, an old kitchen, and a room that appears to have been consumed by fire.
  • Another room is found behind the room with the bodies—its door smashed inward, and decorated with black wall hangings, a broken shield, and broken furniture. It seems a battle has taken place in this room.
  • A search reveals a secret door concealing a passageway that leads down to a locked metal door. –ip uses one of the drow’s bombs to blast the door, and is then shot by an arrow. It is hollow and has a small window in the side of its shaft.
  • From within the cloud of dust generated by the explosion, four creatures emerge and attack. Skeletons appear behind them, using columns for cover, and I perceive even more foul creatures beyond them.
  • We slay the creatures nearest us and retreat. Lunzo seals the secret door with an arcane lock.
  • I attempt to tend to –ip’s wounds, but she has succumbed to them. I am beginning to despair of my ability to protect anyone on this hellish island.
  • Before retiring for the night, we search the remaining rooms of the ground floor. In the front tower, we find a recent fire pit stained blackish-blue as if it has been used for signaling. We also find that the dragon’s body is missing and dragonflowers have grown up where it had lain.
  • Ezra picks up a crystal, says “Hello, Boldrei station—come in?” into it, and it generates a holographic image that looks like scrolling newspaper articles. Ezra says the crystal is the work of house Sivis. We ask for and find a story about the Golden Dragon’s crash. It produces a six-month-old story about the wreckage being found on the ocean floor, and lists several bodies found, including Kaliber Jenks. We ask for information about Vanthis and find nothing. Ezra’s name also produces no information. We skip to current events and see stories of a war-forged revolt, led by the Lord of Blades. Most races have united against them, and fighting has spread to Xendrik and Aerenal. New war-forged types are appearing of massive size, and house Cannith has fallen. These stories are dated about a year after we crashed.
  • We hole up in the room with black hangings and plan on resting there for the rest of Sunday night.
Can you hear me now?
Near TPK due to quicksand

(Still Day 10)

Mordain’s Journal

  • Lunzo attempts to see if there is a different kind of magic inside versus outside the circle. He sees that a column of yellow and blue light is going up around the perimeter.
  • Stevie rearranges a few of the birds and the aura disappears.
  • While this is going on, I head out of the circle, and notice the chittering noise becomes louder as I do. There appears to be an element of curiosity in the sound as I venture outward.
  • Fizzletwitch climbs a tall tree, and also notices the chittering growing louder, although neither of us can discern any particular point that it is coming from. While in the tree, she also notices a fire and some smoke in the distance. The source of both appears to be stationary.
  • Eventually, the chittering is replaced by silence, but we get through the night without incident.
  • Before retiring for the night, Tolin performs some experiments on a sample of Frieda’s blood and determines that there is something foreign in the blood. He is unable to determine more at the moment.

Day 11 on the Island

  • We awaken on Sunday morning to find that –ip, Kttt, and Ezra are gone. Their bedrolls are still on the ground, and we find no tracks leading away from them, nor any trace of lingering magic in the area. Lunzo theorizes that they may be in a parallel reality—possibly because something got into the circle after Stevie disturbed it.
  • Lunzo leaves an arcane mark in the air with directions to follow us, and we watch as another mark is made in the air below his.
  • Ezra’s mark (at least we believe it is his) says that they are headed to “the ruined station.” There is speculation that this means the apartment below the hatch. Ezra’s next message appears to be interrupted before he can finish it.
  • Deciding that we cannot reach Ezra and the others at this time, we set off towards the smoke, with Fizzletwitch leading.
  • We become bogged down in some sort of quicksand or mud, and escaping it proves to be our greatest challenge since arriving on the island. Inevitably, the encounter with the mud triggers a rage in Frieda and Tolin bears the brunt of her fury before I am able to calm her down with the casting of a moment of clarity upon her. To exacerbate our loss of dignity, several monkeys pelt us with rocks during our battle with the mud.
  • Once past that challenge, we travel uneventfully for the rest of the day. Shortly after reaching the beginning of hillier terrain, we come across a stone building with a trench surrounding it, and a bridge spanning the trench. A turret on the left rises from the building, and we can see the remains of a collapsed turret on the right. A stone archway with rotted wooden doors opening inward stands at the far side of the draw bridge. There is the smell of dank, burnt wood, and we see the symbol of Boldrei next to the arch.

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