Eberron Pathfinder LOST

-Ip Goes Blip

Day 13

Mordain’s Journal

*Before leaving the Olladra station, we burn Tolin’s body. Fortunately, Stevie was not bitten by –ip’s body.

  • Ezra disappears when we exit the station. Lunzo believes that Ezra is wearing the bracers of greater invisibility that we took from the drow.
  • When we arrive at the station, there is no sign of the dragon. There are undead in the tunnels below, but they leave us alone when Stevie shows them the pyramid. A few of them mutter something about how we “don’t smell like the sickness” as we pass by them.
  • When we get to Larith’s chamber, Ezra is already there, looking like he has just weathered some sort of electrocution. The two of them are finishing up some ritual. Larith says he should have become a ghoul from the bite, but is instead half-way between undead and living. Apparently, it’s going to take a powerful cure disease spell or a trip to something called a Source Well to cure him. The only person on the island who knows the location of this well is Vanthis—although no one has seen him for a while now.
  • As I continue to question Ezra, I am beginning to believe that his remorseless statements do not stem from him having become a sociopathic monster, but rather from the simple fact that he is staggeringly inept at communicating with others. In his convoluted way, he is trying to tell us he has no control over this unnatural hunger. If this is so, as I now suspect, he is as much a victim of Larith’s work as Tolin.
  • Ezra notes that watching Larith work has led him to believe he wields very powerful magic that is neither divine, arcane, psionic nor any other recognizable type.
  • I attempt to get some information out of Larith concerning the village, but he is uncooperative. I tell him that Madge’s dream may indicate the cultists are getting close to a breakthrough, but he seems uninterested in offering any information that might help us thwart them. While talking to him, we are able to piece together that Omack is a warforged, and that he was shorted out by the same event that crashed our ship.
  • I hear Frieda’s cry of rage from the hallway, and rush to find her. Upon arrival, I see that –ip’s arrow is sticking out of Frieda’s back.
  • Ezra arrives and makes everyone nauseous.
  • The arrow removes itself from Frieda’s back and plunges into me. While the arrow attacks me again, -ip becomes visible to me, glaring at me with a murderous rage and continuing to radiate the strong aura of evil I have sensed in her since she became a ghost.
  • Doubting that I can survive another attack, I grasp the arrow and crush its gemstone beneath my foot. The vision of –ip that I saw disappears. Frieda believes that –ip’s ghost has been destroyed after viewing these events with the drowish helmet.
  • Frieda is furious that I have destroyed the gemstone. Stevie follows her lead and stabs me with a poisoned dagger.
  • Rather than retaliate, I attempt to forge a truce with Stevie. I do not wish to see our group torn apart at this point, and no one else seems likely to play the peacemaker. Furthermore, Stevie’s transformation and the vision that accompanied it indicate he may have an important role to play in our time on this island. I am now the third person he has stabbed without provocation since our arrival on the island, however, and his behavior must be changed.
  • On our way to the Aureon station, Ezra develops a hunger again, but we stave it off with a monkey. He says it only barely diminishes the desire to feed on one of us.
  • We run across a badly wounded Kttt, who is accompanied by a human named Trig. Trig is one of the passengers from the Golden Dragon and had been among the group that was on the beach. He was out on one of the skiffs when the beach camp was destroyed, and has been wandering in the jungle since that event. He saw Kttt flying through the air as if catapulted from a great distance, landing in the water unconscious. Trig mentions that the bodies are no longer on the beach, and the weird aura has lifted from the area.
  • We arrive at the Aureon station. Alastair says he has learned from his reading that there are three factions at odds with each other on the island. The village was originally built by the Sovereign Initiative, but he does not know what faction or factions may be using it now. There is also a native group that opposes them, and maybe a splinter group from the natives. He also informs us that there are a total of ten stations.
  • Cedric appears and rather testily says that we’re all going to die soon when the world ends. He blames us, saying that the black sphere broke when we entered the room that housed it. Lunzo and I check on the room and see the bowls around the pedestal are empty. There is no longer a countdown clock. The broken sphere does not radiate any evil—not even a lingering aura. It has been ten days since we first came to this room. My theory is that the sphere housed something that is now loose. Whatever it was, they were feeding small amounts of blood to it.
  • We lock Ezra in the collapsed passageway and sleep for the night. It will be Wednesday morning, our fourteenth day on the island, when we wake.


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