Eberron Pathfinder LOST

And They Smote Its Ruin on the Mountainside

Mordain’s Journal

· Before entering the Dol Dorran station, we see a ship streak across the sky. It has no visible elemental, and after a moment, crashes somewhere on the eastern side of the island.
· Kttt steps out from behind a tree and says that he thinks that the ship probably was destroyed.
· Kttt doesn’t remember leaving the village, but has somehow managed to follow us here.
· We go into the station and find the black moss around a hole in the stairs. Several members of the party have their recent memories erased by the moss before we are able to get past it. Finally, after much arguing and begrudgery, we make it to Alistair, who is busy studying.
· Alistair doesn’t seem happy to see Madge carrying the sword, but she appears adamant in her decision to keep it. He says that the blade was broken when he and his team originally found it. The sword already had another being within it and the sword consumed this being. Garush took the sword, or was taken by it, and has so far been able to avoid being destroyed by it due to his devotion to and protection from the Silver Flame. He also explains to OMAC about the plan to allow Garush to possess him—which OMAC does not seem adverse to.
· Garush then enters OMAC, but Quill says that he’ll need the power of the creation forge to finish the job. Unfortunately, Tristan reports that the forge lost power shortly after we were last at the station. Quill says that it will take an elemental to power it.

DAY 20

· In the morning, we leave, heading down the ridgeline, looking for the crashed ship.
· Ezra says he saw Tallinn, but we couldn’t find anything when we searched. Then Fizzletwitch says she saw the chain monster. We search for it with detect evil. We sense a trail, then it stops. We see something that looks like –ip.
· She says we need to go to the temple. The cultists are winning and demogorgon is getting closer to getting free.
· The being says that I killed –ip, then turns into the chain monster, or rather into what the chain monster would look like if she weren’t covered in chains and wounds and other evil accoutrements. She says that she is an agent of law—an enforcer of the law, and that we’re going to need to bring balance by keeping demogorgon away. I get into a pretty heated argument with her because I have no desire to bring balance between good and evil. It is my intention to eradicate as much evil and chaos as possible during my lifetime.
· She says that her sister is xenalynn and that xenalynn is a creature of chaos, and that both have been on the island for the same time (a very long time).
· When I question her, she tells me to let her into my mind, but I won’t let her.
· She says that she enforces the law that is written in my heart, and that I have broken that law. I argue that I do not see how she has the right to decide what the laws are, who has broken them, or how they should be enforced. She denies being a creature of evil, but I point out that the Silver Flame has granted me the power to smite her on several occasions—a power it would only grant if she was evil. She has no credible response to this statement, and leaves in a huff.
· We head off after the temple in the middle of the island, where we have been directed to go because it seems that at least the chain monster (I guess we should have asked her what her name is) agrees with us that Demogorgon must be stopped and the temple is key to this goal.
· On the way, however, we are attacked by an enormous abberant t-rex. Sensing the evil inherent in the creature, Garush and I team up to smite with the combined force of two champions of the Silver Flame. My arrows struck true. Fizzletwitch danced across the tree tops above the beast until Ezra transposed Garush into her position, allowing him to plunge directly down atop its head, before I finally struck the killing blow.
· During the fight, Madge was swallowed whole, and subsequently cut out of the creature’s gullet. Her wounds reveal the metallic inner workings of her body once more, but the injuries close before she wakes up.

Orc in a Sword

Mordain’s Journal

· The two half-elves identify themselves as survivors from the Golden Dragon. They say that Vanthis took some people down to the dock, while Xenalynn took some others to investigate the pylon.
· At the temple, Kttt gets a little odd—the first time he’s ever seemed agressive, then leaps off into the forest with weapons ready.
· We begin to search the rest of the village. It is apparent that it was a hasty evacuation (Frieda notes the direction most went).
· At this point, we see a flash of light in a building, which appears to have been made by a human with wiry white hair who is rapidly packing. He introduces himself as Quill, and seems eager to join us once he hears about OMAC.
· Back at the temple, the others find the corpse of a mind flayer, and the sword Exortius, which begins to speak.
· We all reconvene at the temple. Garush (the voice from the sword) questions us about the whereabouts of Naname Keoko, Andronor, and Falco. We look their names up in the news device, and find that they were warriors who served Karnnath and went missing nearly six years ago.
· Garush says he is a keeper of judgment—an office that serves as both judge and executioner within his society. He detects evil within Stevie and Frieda and judges them as enemies. I argue that he is being short-sighted and unwilling to see that they are both works in progress of a sort, stating my belief that both have the potential to mature into much better people than they are today. I don’t think he is convinced.
· Madge takes the sword, and appears to fall under the control of Garush. She doesn’t seem particularly opposed to the idea, so we do not attempt to disrupt the effect.
· When we return to the tavern, we find that Ktt has strung up a lizardfolk, a large bird, and another reptile for us to eat. He has flushed a darker red and still seems unlike his previous self. I do not fully trust his judgment in this state.
· We eat and bed down for the night, during which we hear whooping, crashes and bangs in the distance.

DAY 19

· We head out in the morning for the dol dorran station, but are ambushed on our way by screaming, multi-armed and multi-headed gorillas. The bigger ones are wearing black armor and wear clawed skulls on their fists.
· I dispatch two of the creatures with the first two swings of my sword (and manage to peg one of the big ones with the severed head of the second creature), and the rest of the creatures quickly meet a similar fate.
· We get to dol dorran at dusk with no further incident.
· Madge seems pretty quiet and kttt is still gone.
· I criticize Garush for the cavalier attitude he seems to have towards Madge’s well-being. During the battle, he kept her in the front line despite the fact that she sustained serious injuries. He admits that he does not sense when she is injured, but spouts some clap-trap about how it is an honor to be sacrificed for the greater good. I point out that it ought to be her own decision, but again, he does not seem to be convinced by my arguments.

The Dol Dorn Station

Day 18

Mordain’s Journal

  • After a brief search, we find a room hidden behind a moveable bookcase. Judging from the dust on the floor, it has not been disturbed for a long time.
  • We find OMAC on a table and see that he has not been completely put together. The room appears to be a workshop outfitted for the construction and/or repair of warforged. On another table, we find an arm that bears the mark of Baron Merrix of House Cannith. The arm appears to be designed as a graft that can be attached to human or other humanoid.
  • Nearby are plans that detail the building and attaching of such grafts, but the plans are incomplete. Manten says it would take weeks of study before he might have any hope of following the instructions.
  • We fan out and search the rest of the complex, finding an armory holding a large supply of weapons and armor—many of magical construction. Lunzo notes that there is some sort of distortion that masks the magic of the items.
  • During our search, we also find Alastair. He has no recollection of our trip to the source well—indicating that we had an impostor in our midst for a time. He says he came here directly from the village.
  • He has been to this station before in previous trips to the island. As he describes his time here, he points out that the Sovereign Initiative has no connection to the Sovereign Host. The names are simply used as a code or naming convention. He also relates to us that OMAC will not be a sentient being when animated, but rather will be a construct under the influence of Garush—an orcish friend of Alastair’s who is currently trapped within the magical sword we seek. Garush follows Kalok Shash, the interpretation of the Silver Flame faith that is practiced among the orcs of the Demon Wastes who attempt to contain the evil within that land. He also tells us that Xenalynn is a traitor who used to be his ally, and explains that the shadow pearls are used to break the bonds that hold back demons and Daelkyr from this land.
  • Frieda has some knowledge of this, having lived in the area. She has heard stories of a labyrinth in the Wastes that contains portals that must be kept sealed.
  • During the conversation, Ezra notes that Cedric probably came into existence as a contingency spell triggered by the event that crashed our ship.
  • As we continue our search, we encounter Tristan, a disembodied voice who asks if we have found what we’re looking for. The voice tells us that OMAC needs a lifeforce transference and a trigger, and that the process must be done in a creation forge. Tristan indicates that there is an unfinished forge below us, but that it is warded so that he cannot get to it.
  • We learn from Tristan that Alistair and Madge are temporally different from the rest of us—possibly having returned to our time from the future? Alistair, like Madge, has dreamed of the war between the warforged and demons (and even demon/warforged mixes) against a small number of humans and other humanoids.
  • We make our way down through locked doors and magical wards until we find a huge, partially-completed warforged still hooked into the forge. It looks to have been here a long time, and makes unintelligible noises at us.
  • For no reason, the rest of the party decides to kill it without any attempt at communicating with it. Bloodthirsty and needless. What I would not do to be on this island, undertaking this quest with a company of true believers of the Silver Flame at my side instead of this morally-questionable lot. But, of course, that is not the path that has been laid before me, so it is my challenge to work with these companions despite their obvious failings.
Searched Augury's Lair

You searched Augury’s cave and found the following:

  • A golden fingerbone worth 300gp
  • 7 Accurate Hammers (Not useful in combat)
  • A mirror
  • A porcelain statue of Tira Miron— Note that Mordain has this item.
  • 9 Magical jumpsuits that at first glance don’t seem to do anything, but when you try them on, they size to fit the wearer and you are comfortable in any weather.
  • A compass that is stuck right in between SW and W
  • A pendant worth 150gp
  • a hunk of a strange metal no one can seem to identify. Weighs about 50 lbs. About the size of a loaf of bread.
  • A petrified tentacle (no, it’s not scared).
  • A leather cloak that has odd horizontal stripes
  • A large jar of black inky goo that moves whenever you touch the jar
  • 1 Glass Eyeball, magical
  • 1 pair of magical work gloves
  • Near as you can tell, 10,000cp, all radiating faint magic
  • 1 crystal spider, about the size of a silver dollar. Not magical
  • A brilliantly yellow gem. Not magical.
  • 3 magic scrolls. One reads “I’m out.”, the next “WTF?”, and the last “Big Black Monster”
  • 2 ornate hand-crafted pillows
  • A mithral shoe
  • 1 Adamantine sharpened lower jaw… looks humanoid.
Keldar's Wrath & the Death of Augury
You're gonna what?

Day 17

Mordain’s Journal

  • Madge tries on one of the magical rings that we found earlier, and promptly disappears.
  • Lunzo is then attacked by a powerful undead creature that has been residing in the cave. It identifies itself as Content Not Found: keldar-1, and uses an item it calls the Havoc Staff to control my mind briefly before the party fends it off. It disappears before we can finish it off.
  • Ezra places the animated arm that carries a holy symbol of Dol Arrah into his backpack, and we rest for the night.


Day 18 on the Island

  • In the morning, I exhort the others to aid me in destroying the troll. Lunzo offers to aid by reading the creature’s thoughts, while the others seem hesitant to commit to the attack. I accompany Lunzo on what ought only be a reconnaissance mission into the creature’s cave, and am surprised to hear Lunzo tell the monster that I intend to kill it. I realize that I have been foolish to trust him, but can spare no more time for such thoughts before finding myself face-to-face in solo combat with the mighty beast.
  • Fortunately, the others eventually come to my aid (seconds before she would have killed me, to be honest). The battle goes poorly until a large dinosaur appears and distracts the troll from us for a few seconds. Through a combination of all our efforts, culminating with a masterful stroke of the blade from Stevie, the troll is destroyed. Not exactly a textbook example of how to kill a powerful foe, but the important thing is that a great evil has been removed from this world. I feel this may be the most useful act I have been a part of since arriving on this island.
  • Once the danger has passed, Mantin is able to get Madge to reappear from whatever place the ring has transported her to.
  • Nothing of interest is found in a search of Augury’s lair other than a sword that is obviously too large for any of us to wield, and so we set out to the Dol Dorran station with Larissa’s guidance.
  • After several hours of trekking, we come to the entrance.
Strange Weather

Day 17

Mordain’s Journal

  • We set out with the intention of questioning Augury the troll, as none of us have any real idea of how to reach the Dol Dorran station.
  • Some time into our trek, we begin to hear chittering in the jungle around us. There seems to be an element of giggling or mockery in the noise.
  • Before any of us have time to ruminate upon what that might mean, Lunzo is struck by an arrow and a magically-summoned cold lightning begins to strike down at us from the clouds. We are ambushed by a force of lizardfolk archers led by a tentacled humanoid sorcerer. We are able to slay the most powerful of the attackers and Kttt uses some sort of enchantment to control two of the archers.
  • Several things that bear greater scrutiny have occurred during this battle. First of all, it has become evident that Ezra has undergone other changes from his time within the source well. He has become much faster, stronger and more agile, and strangely, appears to have gained the ability to channel healing magic into his companions. Unfathomably, he seemed to heal both Madge and me by the power of the Silver Flame during the fight.
  • I was able to make out some phrases in Draconic that the tentacled being was muttering during the battle—something about the “great old one.” We gather that the name of the tentacled creature was Kuthrik. Searching his body reveals a pad of paper with writing that indicates the members of this ambush party are followers of Demogorgon, and have been tracking us for days. We also find a magical amulet, 4 magical rings, a spear with some sort of markings, and plans written in Infernal that give incomplete instructions on how to make the black pearls. The ritual requires something called an Abyssal Oyster, and has a reference to mind flayers that concludes with the instructions “take the pearl to the brain.”
  • Lastly, we find a written directive addressed to all who worship the great old one, stating that the master needs the sword, to find Exortius and bring it back to the temple. It is signed by Vanthis. [DM NOTE: Actually it was signed “V”, but it’s completely in character for Mordain to be that presumptuous]
  • Kttt turns into a wyvern and flies in order to scout the area. He encounters resistance as he rises and cannot fly higher than a certain level. He sees a plume of smoke in the distance, but cannot make out what is the source.
  • As he returns to ground, Larissa appears from with the jungle. She is quite interested in our information that Vanthis has been in the village recently, as it turns out he is her son. She also has a daughter named Lavinia. Previous to receiving our information about Vanthis, she had not heard anything about their whereabouts for years. She has been to the Dol Dorran station, and offers to lead us to Augury’s lair.
  • Upon our arrival at the troll’s cave, Augury comes out and plucks Trig from the bushes, tearing him to pieces before our very eyes. As is often the case with my companions, they do not seem immediately put out by this display of wanton evil, and as such, I bide my time to bring about the end of this monstrous creature. She will not walk this earth much longer.
  • We seek refuge in the side cave we have slept in before, and prepare to spend the night.
The Source Well

Day 16

Mordain’s Journal

  • Xenalynn pulls out a curved dagger and slices frieda, drips blood on a black pearl, then tosses the pearl to me, I catch it and see angry faces in it and feel power emanating from it.
  • She dimension doors away (without using magic)
  • Stevie slaps the pearl out of my hand into the water, it breaks and nauseates me, Stevie starts to mutate, wave of energy washes over us, then a humanoid globual mud thing comes out of the water and snatches Alastair, another with a weird crazy face with rocks for teeth tries to snatch me. Many have morphed into those acid-blood things, and kttt has gained a head and a few more arms and legs. Frieda goes orc and gains a face in her chest, and and extra mouth on her arm. Stevie grows another jaw and another set of eyes, and his wings get screwed up. None of the mutants seem rational.
  • Everyone starts attacking each other
  • I dive in after Alistair, but am booted out by a mud cock
  • The pond freezes.
  • Stevie blasts a hole and I find Ezra in it, I heal him
  • Alistair is dead when we pull him out of the frozen lake
  • Madge takes his Silver Flame holy symbol
  • Kttt uses the drow helmet to see that Xenalynn watched us and then teleported away
  • Ezra doesn’t like the smell of my blood, is cured

- There is a thing which nothing is, it does no harm, feels no pain, it creeps beside you with no name, one color true but no size, was never birthed and never dies. Riddle that was on the stones. The answer to this riddle must go over the water.

- Mirror on a strange land lies still, no reflection of its power, one image seen, one mind to behold, water of the body fed the mirror can walk fire …

  • Alistairs book has a detailed picture of the sword from the dol arrah temple, with Garush, an orc name written near it. The sword has karnathi inscriptions near the base, then at the tip, silver flame engravings.
  • Ezra says Demogorgon is closer to our plane and more powerful because of the pearl being broken
  • We try to get go away from the pool, but end up back there again.
  • The Lord of Blades has united all warforged on all continents according to google [DM NOTE: Random? WTF?]
  • We wander for several hours, and find a clearing on the eastern side of the valley, a little more central, at the base of the mountains.

Day 17 on the Island

  • It is late morning. We have stayed up the entire night. We go through a few areas in the forest where no sound occurs, we walk for a couple hours and sound comes back. This has happened twice by the time we get to the clearing. We make camp and sleep uneventfully for the rest of the day.
  • we burn Alistairs body.
  • We are a couple hours from Augury the troll lady, the coastline is a couple of hours away
The Game

Day 16

Mordain’s Journal

  • Ezra is covered with dried blood, and seems to be sleeping contentedly. Maybe Alistair did something to feed Ezra I cast “find temple”, no Silver Flame temples within 11 miles, but we are in a temple of a LG god.
  • “Source Well” is an Ezra term. It’s probably called something else.
  • Manten can make the bars bend out of the way.
  • Lunzo tags himself (will last for one month). “OMAK LIVES
  • Half the day goes by.
  • Conrad shows up with Soller, both are evil.
  • Alastair goes back in the cage.
  • We get an ultimatum “Tell us why you are here, or every hour we will come down and kill one of you.”
    Here’s our thoughts:
  • Me—I keep surviving the chain monster
  • Lunzo—can’t seem to die. Chasing a girl, now you’re not
  • Stevie—dream choose between a dragon and some sort of demon—he chose the dragon. Breath weapon corresponds with the dragonflowers
  • The whole island is magic. Two magics on this island?
  • Manifest zone. The planar sense is chaotic, insane, feral.
  • Madges dream of demogorgon and demons coming here to destroy everything.
  • The chain monster is like a kyton, but isn’t actually one.
  • The dragons fought off the demons originally, then giants came and ended up with a stalemate (argonessen for dragons, xendrik for giants, goblins for khorvair)
  • Illustrae was a dragonborn, as was her tribe. Lizardfolk were guarding the demogorgon temple.
  • Madge—is empty inside, and mechanical. Silver flame vessel? Dreamed that demogorgon showed up with devils and demons, along with warmachines and half-flesh/half machine creatures also—celestials fighting them. ships from the sky come and battle the devils and demons. Also saw that the Silver Flame told her to find OMAC and get him going again. She called out to the Flame to help her.

One hour passes:

  • Conrad comes down and kills Kursh
    Another hour passes:
  • Then Xenalynn kills lunzo
  • Conrad says he didn’t kill anyone, then lets us out
  • The building we are in is a small temple to Dol Arrah (deity of honorable combat and sacrifice and sunlight).
  • 3 statues of angels on one side
  • 3 statures of dragons on the other side
  • Tomb with a large sword lying on top
  • Conrad, etc. are not dressed like anything in this temple—at least not outwardly showing that they are a part of this religion
  • OMAC is at Dol Dorn’s place
  • Vanthis isn’t returned
  • Dragonborn are the hope of this island
  • No children can be born. The source of the island’s power (i.e. “the source”) is Demogorgon.
  • Demogorgon is tethered in Khyber, but is getting loose. The event that crashed our ship, also loosened his bonds. Chain reaction revolving around those black pearls. We should collect them. The other one was found on the north shore.
  • Look for stairs going down into the ground in the eastern mountains, they can send a guide.
  • Xenalynn says she’ll take us to where the spring should be, an item of vanthis’ will hopefully let it manifest. After an hour to get ready, we are led to the fence, then we’re let out, we travel for the rest of the day.
  • Night falls. We have no idea where we have been led. It seems like we are defying geography. X tosses a coin into the forest, it lands with a sploosh. The grass shimmers as liquid. Canopy opens up and moonlight shines on a ring of stone with runes carved into it. She says to dive in. Ezra disappears once he’s in. The runes are a riddle.


Beyond the Fence

Day 15

Mordain’s Journal

  • Kttt joins Stevie
  • Shiny metal things skitter towards us
  • Soller is the leader, he’s your usual arrogant fuckwad
  • Metal things come out and disarm, we get chopped up, etc.
  • Mazzia, Kalibar Jenks, Torin, etc. are there after we saw them dead. They seem to be free and a part of the community. Mazzia is satified to see me tied up.
  • We’re taken to the only stone building in the town. A temple. Conrad is there dressed in robes. More gloating.
  • We’re all put in cells. Conrad says they are going to question us. Lunzo is placed in a cell near us.
  • There’s a beaten man down there. I heal him a bit and he says he’s Kursh Refton. He crashed here, less than a year ago. The villagers attacked us and killed some
  • Sailing vessel named the Blue Nixie. Swam ashore. He’s still being beaten regularly because they think hes part of the Sovereign Initiative.
  • Kursh was a merchant, a smuggler.
  • Lunzo says the dead body on the beach were an illusion
  • A few hours later, jailors bring food. They say someone will come check on us, but no one does. Ezra goes nuts even though I fed him some of my own blood.
  • Most don’t get a good night’s sleep
  • Stevie shows up around midnight. He gets a door open and lights burst everywhere from glowing stones in the ceiling. Footsteps from nearby buildings
  • Conrad comes down with a few others. Alastair offers to quiet Ezra, and puts everyone to sleep except Ezra.

Day 16 on the Island

  • We all wake up on Friday morning. Conrad takes Alistair away for questioning.
The Mad Avner

Day 14 on the Island

Mordain’s Journal

  • We wake to the sound of Avner screaming. Not a bad start to the day.
  • Lunzo awakens paralyzed with a massive pain in his neck. An ax chops into him, then he’s attacked by Ezra.
  • Stevie wakes and sees Madge strangling Avner. This day is just getting better and better. She’s wearing the drow’s bracer of invisibility.
  • Once we get everyone separated from each other, some confusion reigns. Avner says he saw Madge steal the white pearl I had in my backpack. Cedric shows up and says he saw Madge’s ax float into Lunzo’s room, then saw the pearl float away from me. And there’s the question of how Ezra got out of the locked passageway.
  • Fizzletwitch gets the passageway door open so we can figure out how Ezra escaped, but when the door opens, a massive threatening blob attacks us from the other side of the door. We manage to dispatch it, and Alastair identifies it as a chaos beast.


Day 15 on the Island

  • We go back to sleep and wake on Thursday morning.
  • Alastair says OMAC is mentioned in the books he has read. His name is an acronym, and even though he arrived with the Sovereign Initiative quite some time ago, he is a follower of the Silver Flame. He also believes Larith is from a different faction than the current members of the village.
  • After breakfast, we set out to find the village. Stevie and Lunzo manage to activate the metal plate we saw Conrad use to get away. Stevie is able to glide in the air, but Lunzo is sent to parts unknown—probably to the village.
  • We get in the magic boat, and Trig proves to be the best pilot. After passing the demogorgon statue and the burnt cabins where we encountered the children, we see a large wooden pyramid inland.
  • We leave the boat a few hundred feet from the shore and begin following a river inland. Stevie flies down and joins us.
  • Kttt leads us for several hours until we find a series of 30’ high stone pillars with glowing bluish rings on each. Stevie tries to go through the barrier while holding his pyramid and is badly hurt and deafened.
  • Alastair mentions that Illustrae’s people may have an understanding with the villagers.
  • Ezra manipulates Stevie’s pyramid from a Y into a T shape and uses it to pass us through the fence. Stevie and Fizzletwitch hide in order to spy on the villagers we assume are approaching and the rest of us hide further back

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