Eberron Pathfinder LOST

And They Smote Its Ruin on the Mountainside

Mordain’s Journal

· Before entering the Dol Dorran station, we see a ship streak across the sky. It has no visible elemental, and after a moment, crashes somewhere on the eastern side of the island.
· Kttt steps out from behind a tree and says that he thinks that the ship probably was destroyed.
· Kttt doesn’t remember leaving the village, but has somehow managed to follow us here.
· We go into the station and find the black moss around a hole in the stairs. Several members of the party have their recent memories erased by the moss before we are able to get past it. Finally, after much arguing and begrudgery, we make it to Alistair, who is busy studying.
· Alistair doesn’t seem happy to see Madge carrying the sword, but she appears adamant in her decision to keep it. He says that the blade was broken when he and his team originally found it. The sword already had another being within it and the sword consumed this being. Garush took the sword, or was taken by it, and has so far been able to avoid being destroyed by it due to his devotion to and protection from the Silver Flame. He also explains to OMAC about the plan to allow Garush to possess him—which OMAC does not seem adverse to.
· Garush then enters OMAC, but Quill says that he’ll need the power of the creation forge to finish the job. Unfortunately, Tristan reports that the forge lost power shortly after we were last at the station. Quill says that it will take an elemental to power it.

DAY 20

· In the morning, we leave, heading down the ridgeline, looking for the crashed ship.
· Ezra says he saw Tallinn, but we couldn’t find anything when we searched. Then Fizzletwitch says she saw the chain monster. We search for it with detect evil. We sense a trail, then it stops. We see something that looks like –ip.
· She says we need to go to the temple. The cultists are winning and demogorgon is getting closer to getting free.
· The being says that I killed –ip, then turns into the chain monster, or rather into what the chain monster would look like if she weren’t covered in chains and wounds and other evil accoutrements. She says that she is an agent of law—an enforcer of the law, and that we’re going to need to bring balance by keeping demogorgon away. I get into a pretty heated argument with her because I have no desire to bring balance between good and evil. It is my intention to eradicate as much evil and chaos as possible during my lifetime.
· She says that her sister is xenalynn and that xenalynn is a creature of chaos, and that both have been on the island for the same time (a very long time).
· When I question her, she tells me to let her into my mind, but I won’t let her.
· She says that she enforces the law that is written in my heart, and that I have broken that law. I argue that I do not see how she has the right to decide what the laws are, who has broken them, or how they should be enforced. She denies being a creature of evil, but I point out that the Silver Flame has granted me the power to smite her on several occasions—a power it would only grant if she was evil. She has no credible response to this statement, and leaves in a huff.
· We head off after the temple in the middle of the island, where we have been directed to go because it seems that at least the chain monster (I guess we should have asked her what her name is) agrees with us that Demogorgon must be stopped and the temple is key to this goal.
· On the way, however, we are attacked by an enormous abberant t-rex. Sensing the evil inherent in the creature, Garush and I team up to smite with the combined force of two champions of the Silver Flame. My arrows struck true. Fizzletwitch danced across the tree tops above the beast until Ezra transposed Garush into her position, allowing him to plunge directly down atop its head, before I finally struck the killing blow.
· During the fight, Madge was swallowed whole, and subsequently cut out of the creature’s gullet. Her wounds reveal the metallic inner workings of her body once more, but the injuries close before she wakes up.


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