Eberron Pathfinder LOST

Awful Augury

(Still DAY 6)

Mordain’s Journal

  • We see that Freida has also headed off into the jungle, probably to track down Stevie.
  • Following her tracks, we find blood that appears thickened and rust-colored. The tracks lead to an area where a scuffle has occurred, about half an hour from the site of the demon attack.
  • Up a tree, Kttt sees 3 large winged creatures—from his description, Illustrae says they are probably part of a very territorial tribe of gargoyles.
  • Kttt finds –ip stuffed in a tree. She says the demon put her there. As we get her to the ground, Illustrae says something evil is coming and we need to leave.
  • I detect another area like the lizardfolk’s camp, where a concentration of red-orange energy seems to facilitate faster healing and suggest we stay for a while. After we discuss this, we find that a circle of dead birds, each tied to a stick stuck in the ground, has been planted around us. The birds look similar to the way we found Skald. Illustrae has never seen this before. We eat the birds and move on. Captain America’s wounds have healed much better in the time we have spent here, so I mark the area with an arrow and Kttt marks it on our map.
  • Since Augury is a troll, we hunt and kill a boar for meat to offer as payment.
  • We travel to the troll’s cave. She turns some torches on with a lever, seems pleased with the meat, and offers to answer some questions.
  • I ask where the children are. She says some are with meat and one is with stone.
  • Kttt asks why are we on the island? She: Why do you think? Kttt: Because someone crashed the ship and the island isn’t right. She: You are on the right path.
  • Lunzo asks where Jacqueline is. She says she is lost, but you are where you should be.
  • Then the troll bites Lunzo’s hand off, although she says she likes him before she does it. His stump heals up kind of greenish.
  • -ip asks how to get out of the trouble she’s in. She says you’ll need to die to make your problem go away, then gives –ip a white pearl.
  • Madge asks a question too quietly for me to hear. The troll says that Madge is empty and needs to fill herself up.
  • We take off. Another useless trip to a seer. As usual, just a bunch of cryptic nonsense that won’t make any sense until we get to a point that we don’t need the information anymore. I recognize that in our weakened state, we probably cannot take on the troll, but I vow to come back and rid the world of her.
  • I get the pearl from –ip because I think it might have some connection to the black one I have.

Day 7 on the Island

In the morning, (we sleep in a guest cave), Lunzo is fully healed, as is everyone else in the party—even the energy drain from the demon has dissipated. Lunzo appears to have gained some troll-like ability to regenerate when injured. It is Wednesday morning.


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