Eberron Pathfinder LOST

1. Back to Sharn

Boarding The Golden Dragon, the largest airship in existence

After your time in Stormreach, you all, individually, get passage on The Golden Dragon. The line to board was insanely long. No airship in existence could hold this many passengers. The Golden Dragon was chartered by the Maravanchi family. The don Zebula Maravanchi sent his son, Avner Maravanchi, to be his eyes and ears on the ship and to make sure nothing goes wrong. Avner appears as the playboy on the ship, and speaks with a tremendous amount of entitlement. He doesn’t let the passengers forget who sponsored this charter.

The passengers board after meeting the lead crew:

  • Captain America d’Lyrandar, insists on greeting everyone aboard his ship.
  • First Mate Lt. Mazzia d’Lyrandar, hot half elf who appears far more competent than the Captain.
  • Chief Artificer Manten Dramgrin, typical gruff dwarven artificer

A mantisfolk wearing a very nice hat seems to be very social and people seem to regard the Thrikreen with a kind of excitement. A bugman in a hat is funny, even to adults. People mill about, trying out the ship’s accommodations. They meet Kalibar Jenks who runs the ship’s casino. They meet Zan, an elven monk who runs a massage parlor and meditation room. One of the passengers, another elf named Lunzo Babano experienced a rather traumatic massage as one of the masseuses was a changling who apparently morphed into someone from Lunzo’s past. There was quite a scene.

The Captain announces that the cruise should last about 3 days before they connect in Sharn. The first day passes with luxury… or in some cases, extreme discomfort. Specifically for one female gnome who later becomes known as Ip. She’s a prisoner, seen handcuffed to a marshall.

The first day passes.

The SECOND day (Thursday) is about as enjoyable as the first. That is until midday when it erupts in chaos as the elementals are ripped through the ship, and the ship is torn apart. We go now to Mordain’s Journal:

  • I pass out in the middle of the day right before the ship splits in half. I wake up in the water, with half the ship out in the water, then swim towards the ship, Madge and K’t’t’t’t join me—no survivors on ship, skiffs are trapped in the ship, we swim back to shore
  • I see Kaliber Jenks, head of gambling hall, healing people. He’s a Halfling who is from House Jorasco (dragonmarked), seems to be a cleric—we heal everyone (well, mostly me)
  • We make camp out of what we can find, there are about 50 survivors (250+? dead)
  • It appears a dinosaur is about to attack us. I loan Frieda my longsword


Silent_Jim Silent_Jim

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