Eberron Pathfinder LOST

Beyond the Fence

Day 15

Mordain’s Journal

  • Kttt joins Stevie
  • Shiny metal things skitter towards us
  • Soller is the leader, he’s your usual arrogant fuckwad
  • Metal things come out and disarm, we get chopped up, etc.
  • Mazzia, Kalibar Jenks, Torin, etc. are there after we saw them dead. They seem to be free and a part of the community. Mazzia is satified to see me tied up.
  • We’re taken to the only stone building in the town. A temple. Conrad is there dressed in robes. More gloating.
  • We’re all put in cells. Conrad says they are going to question us. Lunzo is placed in a cell near us.
  • There’s a beaten man down there. I heal him a bit and he says he’s Kursh Refton. He crashed here, less than a year ago. The villagers attacked us and killed some
  • Sailing vessel named the Blue Nixie. Swam ashore. He’s still being beaten regularly because they think hes part of the Sovereign Initiative.
  • Kursh was a merchant, a smuggler.
  • Lunzo says the dead body on the beach were an illusion
  • A few hours later, jailors bring food. They say someone will come check on us, but no one does. Ezra goes nuts even though I fed him some of my own blood.
  • Most don’t get a good night’s sleep
  • Stevie shows up around midnight. He gets a door open and lights burst everywhere from glowing stones in the ceiling. Footsteps from nearby buildings
  • Conrad comes down with a few others. Alastair offers to quiet Ezra, and puts everyone to sleep except Ezra.

Day 16 on the Island

  • We all wake up on Friday morning. Conrad takes Alistair away for questioning.


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