Eberron Pathfinder LOST

Black Monday

Day 12

Mordain’s Journal

  • Arriving at the Olladra station, we use some healing potions—and notice that they have an alcoholic effect. Frieda gets drunk off of them. Madge and Ezra retire to sleeping rooms.
  • I ask –ip to pick up an arrow if she is with us, and nothing happens. Kttt places her body on the table in the main room, and the lights in the station dim. Lunzo detects some sort of magical energy radiating out of her body that appears to be causing the effect. We remove her body from the table.
  • A couple of minutes later, Madge comes out of her room. She looks much more worn out and sickly than when she went to lie down. She tells me that the island caused her to dream about demons or devils coming into our world, led by the two-headed baboon creature—which she names “Demogorgon”—and wreaking destruction.
  • I check in on Ezra and see that he has started to ooze some sort of black ichor from his eyes, ears, nose, etc.
  • Back out in the main room, Lunzo dispels the magic that is affecting Madge, causing blood to explode out of her in all directions. It appears that the magical malady is expelled with the blood, however. She appears quite tired, but cured. Kttt finds a drink for her, which fills her with a manic energy.
  • Madge becomes too agitated to stay within the station and heads out the door, with Kttt in tow.
  • While this is happening, Lunzo and I discuss Ezra. Lunzo believes he has been bitten by an undead that was created by contagion rather than a necromancer.
  • Avner is also affected by a drink he finds in the station, but the less said about that, the better. (What happens in the Olladra station, stays in the Olladra station).
  • Suddenly, I receive a vision of Madge’s face being torn apart, followed by the number 100. Seeing that she is not with us, I run out the door and see that the chain monster has appeared.
  • I run towards the black cloud that surrounds the creature and am pierced by several chains. Its attacks are infused with unholy power and are particularly damaging against me. Despite this, I hack at the creature and manage to drive it away, although again I am left with the impression that I have not gravely wounded it.
  • I find Madge’s body on the ground, obviously dead, with large pieces of flesh and other tissue torn away from the skeleton. Incomprehensibly, her skeleton appears to be manufactured out of various metals. The only sign of Kttt is a large splatter of blood.
  • I call to Stevie and he helps me search the jungle for a couple of hours, but we can find no trace of Kttt.
  • Stevie agrees to stay up as a lookout, and I retire for the night.
  • During the watch, Stevie hears groaning or grunting noises, then sees –ip’s animated body rise from the table in a state of advanced decay. The body attacks him and the sound of fighting awakens me. I enter the room and am attacked also. The body bites me and I am quite certain that I would have been infected if not for the divine protection that runs through my blood. Before I can dispatch the body, Madge’s animated body appears behind –ip’s and chops it in half with her axe.
  • I check on the other members of the party and find Ezra covered in Tolin’s blood. Ezra appears considerably paler but claims to feel much healthier. Upon further questioning, he admits that he awoke with an overpowering bloodlust and murdered Talin before feeding upon his body. I take possession of Ezra’s spell component pouch and his spell book, and am faced with a dilemma. If Ezra has become an evil creature, it is my duty to slay him forthright; however, it may be that he has fallen sway to some vile effect, in which case the attempt should be made to cure him.
  • After praying for guidance in the matter, I invoke a protection against evil upon him and attempt to spark a resurgence of his natural defenses against whatever foul effect he has fallen prey to, but neither spell seem to have any effect.

Day 13 on the Island

  • The rest of the party wakes up. It is Tuesday morning. Madge enters the main room with the damage she had suffered yesterday healed somehow. Her eyes glow with a silver light and she intimates that she has become a convert to the Church of the Silver Flame.
  • She tells of another dream in which she has received instructions to restore a man (possibly another servant of the Silver Flame) named “Omack.” According to her vision, he has fallen and must be brought back to life with the help of an artificer to help stave off the appearance of Demogorgon on our plane. Ezra tells us that Omack lived in the village on the island, but the villagers say he died on the day our ship crashed.
  • We resolve to return to the apartment at the Aureon station with a stop at the Boldrei station to question Larith about the events of the past 24 hours. Ezra’s condition was brought on by a creature of his creation—hopefully, he has the answer to what we can do about it. Further, since it seems we may need to visit the village, we need to ask him about getting past their defenses.
  • We burn –ip’s body completely, and I believe we should dispose of Tolin’s body in the same way before departing.
  • I still need to ask Stevie if he was bitten while fighting –ip’s body.
  • Now that I think of it, I need to take the drowish backpack from Ezra, also.
  • When we return to the Aureon station, we can see if Alastair has learned anything from his reading in the library, pick up Manten, and hopefully drop off Avner before seeking to confirm or disprove the veracity of Madge’s dream.
  • I must collect my thoughts concerning Ezra. I will not allow him to feed again—so the time to seek a cure is limited. But even if Larith offers such a cure, is Ezra deserving of a pardon for his crime? Baleful influence or not, I believe he was fully cognizant of his actions and he decided of his own free will to attack Tolin.
  • And what of the others—disturbingly, with the exception of Madge, none of my companions seem particularly upset at the violent and unprovoked murder of an innocent man. Their apathy in the face of true evil has led me to question exactly what sort of souls I find myself in league with on this Flame-forsaken island.


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