Eberron Pathfinder LOST

Boldrei Station pt 1

Day 11

Mordain’s Journal

  • Upon further inspection, Madge notes that at least some of the damage done to the keep was caused by explosive force emanating from within the walls. Lunzo determines that this occurred within the last 20 years. Madge mentions something about “schmellos,” but I do not know what the word means.
  • We encounter the missing members of our party, but they appear insubstantial to us, as we do to them. I attempt to heal some of Kttt’s wounds, but he only receives half of the healing energy I have channeled to him.
  • We move closer to the keep and are attacked by a pair of very large toad-like creatures that emerge from pools of water near the entrance. Both are dispatched, and Frieda takes one of the creatures’ tongues as a trophy.
  • Stevie enters the keep, sees an old smear of blood leading away towards some steps leading up, then finds a curved dagger which he keeps.
  • Madge enters and follows the blood smear into another room, where she notices two dead bodies before being attacked by a dragon.
  • Several smaller creatures—apparently related to the dragon in some way—rush out from other areas of the ruin and join the dragon in attacking us with electrical breath weapons. Lunzo is killed, and I am rendered unconscious from my wounds, but the creatures are slain. Kttt revives me, and Lunzo’s troll-bestowed regeneration ability brings him back from death after several minutes. He is extremely pale when he comes back.
  • The two bodies have been long dead (almost totally reduced to skeletons). One appears to have been female and wears black studded leather armor and an amulet around her neck that features a black iron triangle with an upside-down yellow Y on it. She also carried several jade stones that I recognize as having some religious significance. The male wears chain mail and carried a heavy mace, a short bow, and a lilac-colored stone mask. Both weapons radiate magic.
  • A search of the rest of the ground level reveals collapsed rooms, a locker full of antlers, an old kitchen, and a room that appears to have been consumed by fire.
  • Another room is found behind the room with the bodies—its door smashed inward, and decorated with black wall hangings, a broken shield, and broken furniture. It seems a battle has taken place in this room.
  • A search reveals a secret door concealing a passageway that leads down to a locked metal door. –ip uses one of the drow’s bombs to blast the door, and is then shot by an arrow. It is hollow and has a small window in the side of its shaft.
  • From within the cloud of dust generated by the explosion, four creatures emerge and attack. Skeletons appear behind them, using columns for cover, and I perceive even more foul creatures beyond them.
  • We slay the creatures nearest us and retreat. Lunzo seals the secret door with an arcane lock.
  • I attempt to tend to –ip’s wounds, but she has succumbed to them. I am beginning to despair of my ability to protect anyone on this hellish island.
  • Before retiring for the night, we search the remaining rooms of the ground floor. In the front tower, we find a recent fire pit stained blackish-blue as if it has been used for signaling. We also find that the dragon’s body is missing and dragonflowers have grown up where it had lain.
  • Ezra picks up a crystal, says “Hello, Boldrei station—come in?” into it, and it generates a holographic image that looks like scrolling newspaper articles. Ezra says the crystal is the work of house Sivis. We ask for and find a story about the Golden Dragon’s crash. It produces a six-month-old story about the wreckage being found on the ocean floor, and lists several bodies found, including Kaliber Jenks. We ask for information about Vanthis and find nothing. Ezra’s name also produces no information. We skip to current events and see stories of a war-forged revolt, led by the Lord of Blades. Most races have united against them, and fighting has spread to Xendrik and Aerenal. New war-forged types are appearing of massive size, and house Cannith has fallen. These stories are dated about a year after we crashed.
  • We hole up in the room with black hangings and plan on resting there for the rest of Sunday night.


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