Eberron Pathfinder LOST

Can you hear me now?

Near TPK due to quicksand

(Still Day 10)

Mordain’s Journal

  • Lunzo attempts to see if there is a different kind of magic inside versus outside the circle. He sees that a column of yellow and blue light is going up around the perimeter.
  • Stevie rearranges a few of the birds and the aura disappears.
  • While this is going on, I head out of the circle, and notice the chittering noise becomes louder as I do. There appears to be an element of curiosity in the sound as I venture outward.
  • Fizzletwitch climbs a tall tree, and also notices the chittering growing louder, although neither of us can discern any particular point that it is coming from. While in the tree, she also notices a fire and some smoke in the distance. The source of both appears to be stationary.
  • Eventually, the chittering is replaced by silence, but we get through the night without incident.
  • Before retiring for the night, Tolin performs some experiments on a sample of Frieda’s blood and determines that there is something foreign in the blood. He is unable to determine more at the moment.

Day 11 on the Island

  • We awaken on Sunday morning to find that –ip, Kttt, and Ezra are gone. Their bedrolls are still on the ground, and we find no tracks leading away from them, nor any trace of lingering magic in the area. Lunzo theorizes that they may be in a parallel reality—possibly because something got into the circle after Stevie disturbed it.
  • Lunzo leaves an arcane mark in the air with directions to follow us, and we watch as another mark is made in the air below his.
  • Ezra’s mark (at least we believe it is his) says that they are headed to “the ruined station.” There is speculation that this means the apartment below the hatch. Ezra’s next message appears to be interrupted before he can finish it.
  • Deciding that we cannot reach Ezra and the others at this time, we set off towards the smoke, with Fizzletwitch leading.
  • We become bogged down in some sort of quicksand or mud, and escaping it proves to be our greatest challenge since arriving on the island. Inevitably, the encounter with the mud triggers a rage in Frieda and Tolin bears the brunt of her fury before I am able to calm her down with the casting of a moment of clarity upon her. To exacerbate our loss of dignity, several monkeys pelt us with rocks during our battle with the mud.
  • Once past that challenge, we travel uneventfully for the rest of the day. Shortly after reaching the beginning of hillier terrain, we come across a stone building with a trench surrounding it, and a bridge spanning the trench. A turret on the left rises from the building, and we can see the remains of a collapsed turret on the right. A stone archway with rotted wooden doors opening inward stands at the far side of the draw bridge. There is the smell of dank, burnt wood, and we see the symbol of Boldrei next to the arch.


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