Eberron Pathfinder LOST

Day of the Dead

  • We fight the zombies, and I am knocked unconscious.
  • ….
  • …..
  • ……
  • Kttt and Frieda also drop.
  • Lunzo shows up with Alastair in one of the Golden Dragon’s skiffs. Alastair looks through the spell book that Lunzo has and casts mass cure light wounds.
  • I recover, as does Kttt and Freida
  • The party argues about where to go
  • Alastair offers to use some divine magic from the spell book to pump us up. He uses a set of sovereign host and dark six holy symbols.
  • We head towards the healing station. Everything goes silent, and a mist rolls in while we walk there.
  • Once inside, we use several healing potions, and find a great supply of very nourishing stew.


Silent_Jim Silent_Jim

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