Eberron Pathfinder LOST

Dead Camp

Mordain’s Journal

  • We spend the night at the station. During my watch, I decide to take a look around the outside, and cannot find the door to get back in. On my way out the door, I saw a message written on the wall in charcoal showing a black sickle and the lines: “Enjoy your respite/be fulfilled/leave your valuable/or lose your will.” The message was not there when we arrived.

Day 9 on the Island

  • In the morning, I find that I was surrounded at some point during the night by a circle of dead birds on sticks.
  • We carry a great deal of the stew back to the boat and head back towards the shore. It is Friday morning.
  • At the beach camp, we find no signs of life. Dead bodies are scattered around the camp, all bearing deep slashing wounds. Two of the skiffs from the Golden Dragon are gone—Lunzo and Alastair took one, but perhaps some survivors took the other?
  • As the fog lifts, the extent of the carnage becomes apparent. Alastair notes that the bodies are not decaying—much as occurs in the Mournlands.
  • We find a living survivor—a young Halfling named Fizzletwitch. She has been in hiding since the crash.
  • We then find Tolin, Zan, Manten, Avner and a few others in the cave behind the waterfall.
  • Tolin says that after splitting away from us, they found themselves surrounded by a dead-bird circle, and also experienced the silences and chittering. He says that eventually Skald became agitated and left on his own, and that Skald was killed by the creatures with acid for blood.
  • Lunzo mentions that the bird circle might be a spell to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of those within it, but I think it may be a protective ward as none of us have ever come to any harm while within one.
  • After hearing Tolin’s story, we are rejoined by Alastair. He went back to the beach to tend to the dead. He says the beach is a strong manifest zone and that a planar event is likely to happen soon.
  • We make it to the hatch apartment and find Cedric, who is agitated by Conrad’s presence.
  • As we trade information, Zan reveals that Vanthis is a war criminal back in the world outside the island, and that Zan has been tracking him.
  • We get Alastair started reading in the library.
  • Fizzletwitch opens the door to the cave-in and finds Conrad, who is reading the markings on the inside of the door. Madge attacks him and I grapple her to prevent a fight, but Conrad hurts her with a touch spell, so I knock him unconscious.
  • We tie Conrad up and get Zan to question him, but have to interrupt almost immediately when Lunzo’s magic eavesdropping picks up the sounds of severe torture. We break in and stop Zan, then I partially heal Conrad.
  • Conrad speaks in a slight delirium. He says the island chooses who comes here, and that the chain monster is the god of the island. He says we’ve changed the course of the island, but that since the island has no longer chosen him, he doesn’t care. He says we should have let Zan continue, and he would have told everything. He was going to resist something, but now he no longer cares enough to do so. He then falls unconscious again.
  • We look at our maps and notice that Dol Dorn appears out of place, but decide to investigate Boldrei’s station instead.


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