Eberron Pathfinder LOST

Evil in the Trees

(Still DAY 6)

The party embarks on a path heading into forest going up the mountain. They get a little ways up the trail and are attacked by Savage Baboons and some kind of Demon. The Demon immediately abducts Ip and disappears into the trees.

Illustrae leaps into the trees after the demon.

The fight ensues, and the party discovers the baboons are mutated, perhaps aberrant. They fight until death and even beyond, and then explode with acid once they do die. Frieda gets poisoned in the fight and wounded badly.

The demon drops out of the trees and hits the ground hard, as Illustrae glides down to the ground near it. Her companions rush to her aid and begin pounding the demon, but the demon is a hardy demon.

Some of the party attack it, and it drops a globe of deeper darkness and enervates K’t’t’t’t’t, who takes 1 negative level. As they fight the demon, it gives the party a hard stare, boring into their souls. Most resist, but Lunzo gains a negative level. Nearly tapped out, the demon casts Mass Hold Person so as to buy enough time to escape and get back to it’s prize, Ip, but Freida musters the rage of an entire orc tribe and destroys the demon with her morningstar.

Illustrae urges the party to continue up to the pass, but with Ip missing, as well as Stevie who’d gone after her, locating their companions was a higher priority. Illustrae says they need to go to Augury, a supposed “Seer”, which is in the opposite direction. Augury will find their friends. The demon has many tricks, even in death.

Mordain identifies the demon as a Nabasu, which would have turned K’t’t’t’t’t and Lunzo into undead if it were to slay them with its powers.

The party begins in the other direction to find Augury.

Mordain’s Journal

  • We head up the trail, which has both human-sized tracks and reptilian tracks.
  • Three large baboons drop from the trees—they are malformed (extra faces, etc.)
  • -ip is snatched by a very fast-moving creature from above, and Stevie attempts to give chase. Illustrae jumps up into the trees.
  • We kill the baboons, and find that they explode with acid when they die.
  • Illustrae drops from the trees in combat with a demon. I recognize it as a Nabasu. Its gaze can turn its victims into undead if it kills them, and it can drain energy—an effect that can last for days or even permanently depending on the power of the demon.
  • We slay the demon, although several of the party suffer the energy-draining effect.
  • Our search of the bodies reveals that the baboons appear almost to have been made to look as though they were aberrant, but in truth are actually extra-planar creatures.
  • Illustrae says that we need to go find “Augury,” a seer who can help us find Stevie and –ip, who have not returned.


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