Eberron Pathfinder LOST

The Hatch

(Still DAY 4)

Mordain’s Journal

  • Frieda, who was feeling ill, is healed by the cleric in camp, and sets out to join us.
  • I recognize that one of the bowls of dust is powdered blood.
  • Stevie touches the pearl and I see that the pearl is an illusion or effect above a broken shell-shaped object. –ip and Kttt see spikes and horns grow from Stevie, but I do not because I failed a will save.
  • Cedric runs off, claiming we are here to replace him, then he disappears. He reappears in the apartment and doesn’t remember having already met us.
  • Madge sits down to draw a very detailed map of the island. She’s acting kind of strange, but then, doesn’t she always?
  • -ip sweeps her hand through where the pearl appears to be and Cedric runs off again.
  • Kttt and I look at the smaller pearl that I am carrying, and see tortured faces within it.
  • When Cedric reappears again, he shows me his library, and tells me it will explain his mission better.
  • Stevie stabs Cedric’s foot without warning, then runs away. Kttt tries to heal the wound, then I make it worse. Cedric runs away again.
  • After Frieda shows up, we search the rest of the complex, finding a well-stocked pantry, an exercise room, a bath/sauna (with a seemingly endless supply of fresh water), a bedroom (strangely, Lunzo is now sleeping in the bed), and a locked door that leads into a long dark corridor. –ip and Stevie venture in, and the door closes behind them, revealing magical writing on the back of the door. The end of the corridor is blocked by rubble, with a hint of poisonous gas on the other side? Madge makes a very detailed copy of the writing from the door.
  • The library contains a journal, log books, schedules from 18 years ago that indicate a community of as many as 50 people were at this outpost. There was a regular ferry then. Sadly, the books disappear and reappear back on their shelves when we try to take them out of the apartment.
  • Cedric asks if he is dead. He starts to remember his multiple incarnations in the last few minutes. I am familiar enough with such things to know he isn’t undead (or aberrant or extra-planar), but can’t figure out his exact nature.
  • We go back to camp, and tell them about the food and water source. Frieda attempts to sell her food to the other survivors, then hoards it all for herself when she gets no takers.
  • Stevie throws a dagger at Skald for killing a bird he had caught for a pet, but I’m the only one who notices his intent (he missed badly).
  • I try to get Mazzia to establish a system of courts and tribunals to deal with lawbreakers, offer my services as prosecuting attorney, and suggest Frieda and Stevie as the first two defendants, but this upsets her. She says I’ve been playing around in the jungle too much, and not helping out around the camp. The crowd starts to murmur against me. I meekly offer to do manual labor for the rest of the evening.
  • The cleric, Father Feres, offers to heal us. He mentions wanting to keep the health of the children monitored. I believe he might be a pedophile.
  • Kttt tells stories, while trying to explain to the survivors what we’ve seen in our sorties.
  • We set watches and go to sleep

Stevie wakes in the middle of the night to a deserted camp. He sees smoke and goes to it, finding a cabin. In the window, he sees comfort food, and an inviting bed. He eats, then sleeps and dreams of a large friendly blue dragon. The dragon tells Stevie that he has a choice to make between the dragon, who wants him to learn to fight evil, and an image of Frieda, who has appeared looking like a succubus offering protection. The dragon offers to teach Stevie. Frieda then spears the dragon mortally and Stevie chooses the dragon, who smears blood on Stevie’s forehead, saying he has been chosen.

Day 5 on the Island

  • The next morning (Monday), we wake and all the children are gone. Skald and Kttt find tracks—the children (9 total, including Stevie) all seem to have gone away without a struggle. 3 larger sets of tracks entered the camp, were joined by Father Feres, and the 4 led the children away, apparently.
  • We muster a party to chase after the kids, with Skald and Kttt leading.


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