Eberron Pathfinder LOST

Hunting Party

(Still DAY 5)

Mordain’s Journal

  • [The party questions the female lizardfolk and learn that her name is Illustrae. She says another piece of our ship landed north of here, possibly with survivors. She doesn’t understand the concept of leaving the island—doesn’t think it’s possible. She believes we came here to help her fight evil.
  • Four other lizardfolk arrive.
  • Illustrae says she believes the children are at a village about a day’s journey northward, and that the villagers will soon start the same ritual on them that they performed on Stevie.
  • A male lizardfolk comes onto –ip, challenges Stevie for the right to mate. A battle ensues, and the lizardfolk backs off.]
  • At the beach, I begin to see flashes of patterns using my ability to detect evil, similar to what Lunzo did with detection of magic. I see paths corresponding with the direction the children were taken, and also leading from where we have buried our dead into the jungle.
  • The party come back to the beach, and set off almost immediately with me, Captain America, and Manten.
  • Tolin offers to do recon, Skald says you’re not going anywhere without me, Zan wants to go, too.
  • When the party reaches the spot that the child-abductors may have been attacked, I notice a pattern of flashes that may have something to do with the kidnappers. Not wanting to lose the trail, I decide to sleep there for the night, and am joined by Captain America and Mantin. Kttt takes the rest of the party to the site of the lizardfolk camp.
  • Soon after, a black shape drops from the trees and tries to fly away with Captain America. I smite it with my bow, it shrieks and flies away, dropping the captain. He has been lacerated badly and is unconscious.
  • We join the rest of the party at the now-deserted lizardfolk camp, and gain double-healing overnight while we sleep.
  • I see flashes of power entering us, although I cannot tell if it is good or evil. It appears to be reddish-orange. The kidnappers’ path appeared to have blue or green energy.

Day 6 on the Island

  • We awaken on Tuesday morning. Captain America requires all of my laying-on of hands to revive, and remembers the sound of chains when he was attacked. Illustrae returns and offers to lead us.
  • 2 hours journey from the camp, we find Skald hanging from some ropes and pulleys in a tree, disemboweled. He has razor-sharp claw marks, his hips are dislocated, and his limbs were bound. He doesn’t appear to have been dragged. Illustrae has seen this happen before, but very rarely. Never to lizardfolk, but to other humans on the island a long time ago.
  • We continue following Illustrae. Kttt sees a tri-kreen and runs after it. It asks “why are you here?” then corrects him and says Kttt must “protect the clutch, protect the island,” then runs off.
  • We cross a valley, then come to the base of a mountain pass. Illustrae says over the mountain, there is a village with a dock—she thinks the children are there.


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