Eberron Pathfinder LOST

Invisible Assailants

(Day 10)

Mordain’s Journal

  • I talk with Conrad before we set out.
  • He tells me that he is returning to the others, but that I should not seek them because they would be dangerous to me. They are a group that knew about the island and came here to try to avert some sort of catastrophe. The remaining children have been taken into custody and supposedly are safe. He offers some information about the chain monster—saying that it is vulnerable to sonic energy, and that the others have protected their village with a wall that emits a form of that energy. I show him my black pearl, and he tells me that the lizardfolk are making them, and that they have something to do with the god they worship. He finishes by telling me that almost everything I need to know is in the hatch apartment.
  • He leaves and is tailed by –ip. She comes back and leads us to a pad in the jungle that has arcane writing on it. Frieda uses the drow’s helmet to see a heat trail leading away in an arc through the sky, indicating that Conrad has traveled north.
  • We search the area near the river, looking for another station, and decide that we must scout the area around the northern river instead. We travel north for a day, then camp.
  • During the first watch, silence descends, then Kttt sees something that looks like Skald. He alerts the rest of the party, and I sense evil around us in greater than normal intensity.
  • We are attacked by 2 invisible creatures (one of which turns out to be a hellcat), an evil cloaked figure with glowing red eyes, and an iron cobra.
  • I dispatch the first invisible creature (the hellcat) in a single strike, then take out the cloaked being in two more swings of my sword. Once again, a lucky strike sees me victorious over a powerful foe. If we are indeed being watched or evaluated during these attacks, then our observer may think me a greater threat than I am.
  • Unfortunately, Frieda’s orcish rage is provoked, and she attacks the rest of the party before we can get her to stand down. She is becoming even more of a menace.
  • There is an element of laughter in the sounds of chittering from the jungle, seemingly provoked by the scene of Frieda attacking us.
  • Lunzo knows that the creatures we fought could not have gotten here without some sort of portal (possibly of their own making). He says that the black thing has no name and is made out of night. It is a creature of negative energy, similar to a demon. It causes living creatures to implode.
  • I walk out to the edge of our clearing and find another bird circle around us. It is only a half an hour into our first watch on Saturday night.


Silent_Jim Silent_Jim

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