Eberron Pathfinder LOST

Jungle Fever

(Day 7)

Mordain’s Journal

  • Despite having healed overnight, both Lunzo and –ip will not wake up. They appear to be under the effects of some sort of fever-inducing illness.
  • In one of the caves, we find a pile of bodies and body parts—presumably left over from the troll’s feeding. Many bodies have insignias of the Sovereign Host on their clothing. Several shields and suits of armor, however, have a stamped marking of a diagonal sword surrounded by the 9-sided shape. This stamped marking appears to have been added later.
  • I offer to search the area since the bodies may give off disease, and find a very reflective heavy shield that may be wielded as a light shield (which I keep for myself), a pair of magical acrobatic boots, a cloak that aids the wearer’s resistances and ability to hide, a wand that may cure wounds three times each day, a very light chain shirt, a breastplate, a potion marked with a circle and a slash over an image of a spider, and a grey pearl which causes some sort of brain-locking property.
  • I note that Kttt has taken the chain shirt despite the fact that he does not seem to be easily injured. I haven’t healed him much. I think the shirt should go to someone more vulnerable.
  • During my search, I find that many of the bodies are animated. Although they seem to have some memories of who they once were, questioning them yields no information of use. I offer to send them into the afterworld to bring rest to their souls, but they—much like many of my companions—do not appreciate my efforts.
  • [Meanwhile, Stevie and Frieda find themselves being carried by gargoyles with very angular features. They resist the kidnapping, and Frieda almost dies in the process. Stevie leaves her to find us, but gets attacked by a large spider.]
  • The troll gives us directions to find Stevie and Frieda, and we set off. -ip’s illness is determined to be malaria, so I carry her unconscious body in case she is contagious. Madge and Captain America have fashioned a litter to carry Lunzo.
  • We encounter the spider, and kill it, only to find Stevie cocooned in webbing. During the fight, Madge finds that she is immune to the spider’s venom.
  • Kttt finds that he has been afflicted by brain worms that would normally cause insanity, but for some reason, the worms are dying upon contact with him. We do not know what is giving him or Madge these immunities.
  • A brief search leads to Frieda, who has been infected with botfly maggots.
  • We continue marching deep into the night in order to get closer to the village where the children are being kept, but are delayed by an ant attack. Kttt is weakened by the effect of their bites. I will pray for the ability to restore him in the morning.
  • We camp, and Stevie attempts to crawl into my bedroll—no doubt for suspect reasons. It will be Thursday morning when we wake.


Silent_Jim Silent_Jim

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