Eberron Pathfinder LOST

Keldar's Wrath & the Death of Augury

You're gonna what?

Day 17

Mordain’s Journal

  • Madge tries on one of the magical rings that we found earlier, and promptly disappears.
  • Lunzo is then attacked by a powerful undead creature that has been residing in the cave. It identifies itself as Content Not Found: keldar-1, and uses an item it calls the Havoc Staff to control my mind briefly before the party fends it off. It disappears before we can finish it off.
  • Ezra places the animated arm that carries a holy symbol of Dol Arrah into his backpack, and we rest for the night.


Day 18 on the Island

  • In the morning, I exhort the others to aid me in destroying the troll. Lunzo offers to aid by reading the creature’s thoughts, while the others seem hesitant to commit to the attack. I accompany Lunzo on what ought only be a reconnaissance mission into the creature’s cave, and am surprised to hear Lunzo tell the monster that I intend to kill it. I realize that I have been foolish to trust him, but can spare no more time for such thoughts before finding myself face-to-face in solo combat with the mighty beast.
  • Fortunately, the others eventually come to my aid (seconds before she would have killed me, to be honest). The battle goes poorly until a large dinosaur appears and distracts the troll from us for a few seconds. Through a combination of all our efforts, culminating with a masterful stroke of the blade from Stevie, the troll is destroyed. Not exactly a textbook example of how to kill a powerful foe, but the important thing is that a great evil has been removed from this world. I feel this may be the most useful act I have been a part of since arriving on this island.
  • Once the danger has passed, Mantin is able to get Madge to reappear from whatever place the ring has transported her to.
  • Nothing of interest is found in a search of Augury’s lair other than a sword that is obviously too large for any of us to wield, and so we set out to the Dol Dorran station with Larissa’s guidance.
  • After several hours of trekking, we come to the entrance.


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