Eberron Pathfinder LOST

Orc in a Sword

Mordain’s Journal

· The two half-elves identify themselves as survivors from the Golden Dragon. They say that Vanthis took some people down to the dock, while Xenalynn took some others to investigate the pylon.
· At the temple, Kttt gets a little odd—the first time he’s ever seemed agressive, then leaps off into the forest with weapons ready.
· We begin to search the rest of the village. It is apparent that it was a hasty evacuation (Frieda notes the direction most went).
· At this point, we see a flash of light in a building, which appears to have been made by a human with wiry white hair who is rapidly packing. He introduces himself as Quill, and seems eager to join us once he hears about OMAC.
· Back at the temple, the others find the corpse of a mind flayer, and the sword Exortius, which begins to speak.
· We all reconvene at the temple. Garush (the voice from the sword) questions us about the whereabouts of Naname Keoko, Andronor, and Falco. We look their names up in the news device, and find that they were warriors who served Karnnath and went missing nearly six years ago.
· Garush says he is a keeper of judgment—an office that serves as both judge and executioner within his society. He detects evil within Stevie and Frieda and judges them as enemies. I argue that he is being short-sighted and unwilling to see that they are both works in progress of a sort, stating my belief that both have the potential to mature into much better people than they are today. I don’t think he is convinced.
· Madge takes the sword, and appears to fall under the control of Garush. She doesn’t seem particularly opposed to the idea, so we do not attempt to disrupt the effect.
· When we return to the tavern, we find that Ktt has strung up a lizardfolk, a large bird, and another reptile for us to eat. He has flushed a darker red and still seems unlike his previous self. I do not fully trust his judgment in this state.
· We eat and bed down for the night, during which we hear whooping, crashes and bangs in the distance.

DAY 19

· We head out in the morning for the dol dorran station, but are ambushed on our way by screaming, multi-armed and multi-headed gorillas. The bigger ones are wearing black armor and wear clawed skulls on their fists.
· I dispatch two of the creatures with the first two swings of my sword (and manage to peg one of the big ones with the severed head of the second creature), and the rest of the creatures quickly meet a similar fate.
· We get to dol dorran at dusk with no further incident.
· Madge seems pretty quiet and kttt is still gone.
· I criticize Garush for the cavalier attitude he seems to have towards Madge’s well-being. During the battle, he kept her in the front line despite the fact that she sustained serious injuries. He admits that he does not sense when she is injured, but spouts some clap-trap about how it is an honor to be sacrificed for the greater good. I point out that it ought to be her own decision, but again, he does not seem to be convinced by my arguments.


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