Eberron Pathfinder LOST


(Still Day 9)

Mordain’s Journal

  • Ezra wanders off, and Madge and Avner go with him.
  • Frieda wakes up from her illness/injuries and finds she has become human. She goes into a blind fury and transforms into a huge orcish monster. She is almost beyond our ability to reason or even communicate with her while in this state, and takes a couple of minutes to calm down, at which point she becomes human again.
  • -ip and Stevie head back to the cave-in area, while the rest of us go to search for Ezra and company.
  • As we find them, we are attacked by an invisible creature. It turns out to be a very well equipped drow, whose mouth was deformed into scorpion-like fangs. The party scavenges several magic items from the body, and Ezra takes the scorpion teeth. The drow’s backpack contains several skulls and spines that have been taken from various bipedal creatures.
  • Due to a mishap with some explosive devices that we found on the drow, we decide to rest one more night in the hatch apartment.

Day 10 on the Island

  • In the morning (Saturday), Manten and Tolin ask to go with us, while Zan asks to re-earn our trust by protecting the other survivors.
  • Stevie and –ip have made the door to the cave-in impassible by using more bombs to try to excavate the area.
  • Alastair recognizes Ezra as having been a professor at Morgrave 20 years ago. He says that Ezra was killed during a sea expedition to Xendrik, and even says that it was claimed his body was recovered.


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