Eberron Pathfinder LOST

Savage Discovery

After wrecking on the Island, the party establishes a camp on the beach and then heads inland to find a water source and get a better lay of the land. They’ve found reptilian bipedal tracks, except whoever made them are wearing a kind of sandal. They also discovered a large bear track.

They travel up to the top of a mountain ridge and get a vantage point. Beyond, a valley with another set of mountains opposite.

Larissa says to make sure our people are who they say they are. The Others can imitate or blend in.

Mordain’s Journal

  • Morning comes, fog is still everywhere except the top of the peak. It is Saturday. We breakfast on boar meat and Ktttt starts to lead us toward the lights we saw last night
  • We agree to meet at the mountain top if separated
  • Trees are very thick, some are mango trees, we eat them
  • We find medium sized footprints, someone has gone both ways on this path and has tried to obscure their passing.
  • Lots of monkeys in this area, no sense of evil in them.
  • A rock drops near us, then they start throwing rocks (we appear to be in their territory)
  • We try to run to the other side of their territory, then it gets really quiet, not even bird noises, and the pursuing monkeys seem to be gone
  • -ip sees a reddish, purple slime on a tree, she tastes it and it’s kind of like blood, below it is a section of earth that appears to be dried out—where a small pool of acid sat before sinking into the ground, according to Ktttt. Maybe an ooze was destroyed here? Kttt sees a hole in the tree where a projectile hit the tree
  • The chittering starts up, then stops when we start moving again. Silence becomes oppressive.
  • We come to the base of a cliff—maybe the other side of the valley? There’s a boat (22’ long) sitting on the ground, maybe made of soarwood. Grass under it is dead. It may have been up on the top of the cliff and then fallen to here. It has barnacles, etc. that indicate it has been used in water
  • There are 2 rotting human? bodies—dead for months by my healing estimation, the skull looks like it has claw-marks, as does the boat itself, I recognize one body as being dressed like a priest of the Sovereign Host
  • Frieda and I hear growling, see some sort of hunched-over creatures coming from around the boat—we fight them and kill them. They dissolve into acid when they die. Their bites seem to be poisonous—Madge and Frieda were bitten, and –ip licked the blood off the tree
  • We meet a disheveled woman named Larissa, armed with a crossbow. She’s scared, confused, and has been here for 16 years. She says that there are “others” who will kill us, that the bites of the creatures will turn you into one of them within a day, that this place will make us sick, and to beware of the baboons.
  • We search the boat and find 6 flasks of alcohol and a package of brownish powder (maybe opium), drug paraphernalia. Madge finds a magic black pearl. I detect evil in it so potent, it knocks me out. I wake up fatigued. I offer to carry it, reasoning that I will be most resistant to its aura.
  • Larissa says that the silences mean we’re in an area of evil.
  • We find and cross a river with a waterfall hiding a cavern behind it.
  • We get back to camp. Larissa tells us to be certain that all the members of our group are who we think they are. The others apparently can impersonate people. The others seek out children and already have her children. I offer to help her, and she finally seems to consider that we might be of some use, but she leaves for now
  • Mazzia says that 7 skiffs have been recovered—they hold 7-8 each. They work in the water, but the magic that makes them fly is gone. Some people are missing during the night—one of whom was a child.
  • Avner, a human, a skinny guy with a poser noble mustache, steps forward to bitch about something—I slap him before he can speak and say we’re all in this together in an attempt to head off a scene that could hurt the morale of the survivors. Skald loves seeing him slapped.
  • Kalibar says there is a cleric among us
  • Dramgrim makes some armor for –ip out of the armor I brought back from the boat.
  • Torren, a gnome, kicking back and smoking a cigar, seems to think he could make an aphrodisiac out of the powder, but decides not to.
  • I warn the survivors about the threat of impersonation. Zan, elf monk, says I’m a racist after I accidentally use changelings as an example of the sort of magic we may be up against. I backtrack. He’s actually a changeling—Mazzia is very shocked to find this out
  • We divide into groups of 4 and share questions and answers to use as passwords
  • Ktttt terrifies everyone with his attempts to calm them
  • We set watches and sleep, awaken on Sunday.
  • Frieda has stolen 7 gp from my backpack while carrying it for me as I recovered from the shock of the evil I felt in the pearl—I have not confronted her about it. I hope to make her understand that we are being looked upon by the rest of the survivors as their only hope for survival. We need to set a better example than this. If we don’t stick together as a group, we’ll either not survive, or at best end up like Larissa.


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