Eberron Pathfinder LOST

Searched Augury's Lair


You searched Augury’s cave and found the following:

  • A golden fingerbone worth 300gp
  • 7 Accurate Hammers (Not useful in combat)
  • A mirror
  • A porcelain statue of Tira Miron— Note that Mordain has this item.
  • 9 Magical jumpsuits that at first glance don’t seem to do anything, but when you try them on, they size to fit the wearer and you are comfortable in any weather.
  • A compass that is stuck right in between SW and W
  • A pendant worth 150gp
  • a hunk of a strange metal no one can seem to identify. Weighs about 50 lbs. About the size of a loaf of bread.
  • A petrified tentacle (no, it’s not scared).
  • A leather cloak that has odd horizontal stripes
  • A large jar of black inky goo that moves whenever you touch the jar
  • 1 Glass Eyeball, magical
  • 1 pair of magical work gloves
  • Near as you can tell, 10,000cp, all radiating faint magic
  • 1 crystal spider, about the size of a silver dollar. Not magical
  • A brilliantly yellow gem. Not magical.
  • 3 magic scrolls. One reads “I’m out.”, the next “WTF?”, and the last “Big Black Monster”
  • 2 ornate hand-crafted pillows
  • A mithral shoe
  • 1 Adamantine sharpened lower jaw… looks humanoid.


Silent_Jim Silent_Jim

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