Eberron Pathfinder LOST

Smoke in the Jungle

Day 8 on the Island

Mordain’s Journal

  • I awaken with Stevie in my bedroll. He will not wake up, and has become extremely cold—his breath has frozen around his mouth. I assume he entered my bedroll in an attempt to warm himself. Despite his obviously unhealthy condition, Frieda seems more intent on accusing me of dishonorable intentions towards the boy than in figuring out what ails him.
  • Lunzo also remains unconscious. Manten, however, makes a potion that wakes him. He appears to be in good health again.
  • As Frieda’s botfly infestation has not improved, I improvise a cure by imbuing her with a measure of protection from fire so that we may use torches to burn the vermin out of her. We are only partially successful, but Manten again comes through with a magical cure to finish off the job.
  • -ip remains unconscious and in my care.
  • A few hours after setting off to find the children, we are attacked by the chain monster that struck Captain America. Kttt shepherds the others into hiding while I draw its attack away from them. I am struck by several barbed chains and pulled into the inky cloud that surrounds the monster. Attempting to pierce the darkness by perceiving the evil within it, I see a beautiful naked woman wreathed in chains—using them as both armor and weapon. She shows me Skald’s death, and I respond by smiting her with my longsword. Both woman and cloud recede into nothingness, but I do not believe she has been destroyed.
  • I note that Captain America fled during the attack, when even the elf, Lunzo, moved forward to try to help. I pointedly inform America that he had better begin pulling his own weight.
  • Shortly after this, we encounter an elderly human named Ezra. He says he has been on the island for many years, but much of the information in his brain appears disheveled. He claims no knowledge of the village we seek, and babbles annoyingly. As we are pressed for time, we ask him to accompany us while we travel, that we both may learn from each other. He accepts this offer, and soon after leads us to a center of healing that appears of construction similar to the apartment under the hatch.
  • During our initial meeting with Ezra, Stevie began to vibrate, then gave off an electric shock.
  • Inside the healing center, we find a tile mosaic of the nonagon with a domino in the center. This corresponds with the drawing that Madge made. We also find and use several healing potions, taking extras with us. –ip is revived by one such potion.
  • As we set off again, Captain America mentions that the Golden Dragon was torn apart by the escaping elementals, but that they did not stick around to attack us as would be expected.
  • At the top of a ridge, we see below us a dock and a large plume of smoke, very big and very black. The smoke is about a ¼ mile inland. We aren’t certain if there are boats at the dock. Kttt leads us down for two hours. As we descend, we see a small rowboat tied to the dock.


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