Eberron Pathfinder LOST

Strange Weather

Day 17

Mordain’s Journal

  • We set out with the intention of questioning Augury the troll, as none of us have any real idea of how to reach the Dol Dorran station.
  • Some time into our trek, we begin to hear chittering in the jungle around us. There seems to be an element of giggling or mockery in the noise.
  • Before any of us have time to ruminate upon what that might mean, Lunzo is struck by an arrow and a magically-summoned cold lightning begins to strike down at us from the clouds. We are ambushed by a force of lizardfolk archers led by a tentacled humanoid sorcerer. We are able to slay the most powerful of the attackers and Kttt uses some sort of enchantment to control two of the archers.
  • Several things that bear greater scrutiny have occurred during this battle. First of all, it has become evident that Ezra has undergone other changes from his time within the source well. He has become much faster, stronger and more agile, and strangely, appears to have gained the ability to channel healing magic into his companions. Unfathomably, he seemed to heal both Madge and me by the power of the Silver Flame during the fight.
  • I was able to make out some phrases in Draconic that the tentacled being was muttering during the battle—something about the “great old one.” We gather that the name of the tentacled creature was Kuthrik. Searching his body reveals a pad of paper with writing that indicates the members of this ambush party are followers of Demogorgon, and have been tracking us for days. We also find a magical amulet, 4 magical rings, a spear with some sort of markings, and plans written in Infernal that give incomplete instructions on how to make the black pearls. The ritual requires something called an Abyssal Oyster, and has a reference to mind flayers that concludes with the instructions “take the pearl to the brain.”
  • Lastly, we find a written directive addressed to all who worship the great old one, stating that the master needs the sword, to find Exortius and bring it back to the temple. It is signed by Vanthis. [DM NOTE: Actually it was signed “V”, but it’s completely in character for Mordain to be that presumptuous]
  • Kttt turns into a wyvern and flies in order to scout the area. He encounters resistance as he rises and cannot fly higher than a certain level. He sees a plume of smoke in the distance, but cannot make out what is the source.
  • As he returns to ground, Larissa appears from with the jungle. She is quite interested in our information that Vanthis has been in the village recently, as it turns out he is her son. She also has a daughter named Lavinia. Previous to receiving our information about Vanthis, she had not heard anything about their whereabouts for years. She has been to the Dol Dorran station, and offers to lead us to Augury’s lair.
  • Upon our arrival at the troll’s cave, Augury comes out and plucks Trig from the bushes, tearing him to pieces before our very eyes. As is often the case with my companions, they do not seem immediately put out by this display of wanton evil, and as such, I bide my time to bring about the end of this monstrous creature. She will not walk this earth much longer.
  • We seek refuge in the side cave we have slept in before, and prepare to spend the night.


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