Eberron Pathfinder LOST

Suffer the little children

Stevie becomes a dragonborn

(Still DAY 5)

Mordain’s Journal

  • There is a brief discussion as to who will search for the children.
  • Tolin, a rough-looking older human, wants to join the search, as does Zan. Tolin is a famous survivalist-celebrity due to a journal of his adventures that he publishes.
  • I offer to stay and guard the beach. While there, I use my aura of courage to hearten the survivors. The morale of the group improves noticeably, and Mazzia seems to be back on my side.
  • Skald, Tallin, Zan, Kttt, Frieda, -ip and Madge set out.
  • [-ip gets separated from the group, so Kttt tracks back in time to see her entangled by attacking vines.
  • Tolin warns that the plant is carnivorous.
  • Kttt throws –ip out of harms way, then teleports himself away, too, but the plant monster presses the attack until Madge firebolts it to death.]
  • Meanwhile, Lunzo wakes up at Cedric’s. He shares tea with him, only to find that the drink was some sort of caustic liquid disguised by an illusion. Lunzo’s spellcrafting ability allows him to see that Cedric himself is an illusion—or more specifically, a sentient spell. He further deduces that Cedric is probably tied to some object in the apartment.
  • When Lunzo comes to the countdown room, he sees the jagged remains of the pearl instead of the illusory undamaged pearl. He casts detect magic and the countdown clock, which had gone down to 5 minutes, begins to speed up. With the aid of his magic, Lunzo recognizes the entire room as having been disguised by an illusion, and sees the walls of the actual room bulging inward. The clock reaches zero, and he senses a momentary explosion of some sort of magic that leaves behind a lingering aura of expired abjuration, with a powerful illusion triggered as a security measure. From the center of the orb, there are flickers of a canceling effect—as if a connection to some conjuration is barely connecting from moment to moment. The countdown clocks are now going upward in red numerals and read a little above 56 hours. The red dust that was in the bowls around the orb has also disappeared.
  • As Lunzo leaves, he sees Cedric as being completely transparent due to the detect magic spell.
  • Lunzo’s understanding of the various planes of existence leads him to suspect that the apartment is centered on a manifest zone linking to a plane of wildness, savagery and chaos.
  • Due to an extraordinary use of his magical detection, Lunzo is able to see currents of magic throughout the jungle, and is able to follow one magical pathway back to the beach camp. Once there, he trades notes with Mordain, and the two agree that the library warrants further study.
  • [Elsewhere, Stevie experiences a birthing out of some sort of womb after his encounter with the dragon, and finds himself amongst a group of lizardfolk. He has gained transparent scales and an acid breath weapon, apparently as a result of choosing wisely in his previous encounter. He learns that these lizardfolk worship the dragon and are here to fight the evil of the double-baboon-headed creature and its worshippers.
  • After defeating the plant monster, the search party is distracted by the bones of the plant’s victims. No humanoid bones are found, indicating that the locals know to avoid this danger.
  • The tracks they follow are intersected by three-toed, clawed tracks—they are similar to the shod footprints we had seen a few days ago.
  • It is apparent that the three-toed creatures approached the child-abductors cautiously, before some sort of scuffle or fight broke out. The two groups then set off in separate directions, although the searchers cannot determine which group had the children at this point.
  • -ip begins to investigate and sees puddles that look similar to those left by the dissolving creatures we fought earlier, in addition to scorch marks in the trees. She also finds a series of untrampled red flowers that seem to follow the three-toed tracks. Upon pulling one from the ground, she receives an electrical shock.
  • The search party sees smoke up ahead (probably in the same area we saw smoke while atop the mountain), and follow it to a small clearing with an altar in the center. It has a statue of a two-headed baboon creature.
  • At this point, the search party encounters the lizardfolk who Stevie has ended up with. When he hid with the lizardfolk, Stevie found that his scales have a chameleon-like property. During the exchange between groups, Stevie breathes a plume of fire, and speaks in a combination of common and draconic.
  • A female lizardfolk who can speak some common comes forward and asks if the searchers are from the sky. She says that they were able to rescue Stevie because he has chosen the dragon instead of the ancient one, but that the other children may not have chosen as he has. She recognizes –ip’s flower as a dragonflower, and indicates that Stevie has become a dragon of some sort.
  • There is a dead human, one of the group that abducted the children, skewered on a spike sticking out of the altar. The female lizardfolk says that he was a sacrifice, to the dragon? That doesn’t make sense since it’s a baboon-headed altar.]


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