Eberron Pathfinder LOST

The Dol Dorn Station

Day 18

Mordain’s Journal

  • After a brief search, we find a room hidden behind a moveable bookcase. Judging from the dust on the floor, it has not been disturbed for a long time.
  • We find OMAC on a table and see that he has not been completely put together. The room appears to be a workshop outfitted for the construction and/or repair of warforged. On another table, we find an arm that bears the mark of Baron Merrix of House Cannith. The arm appears to be designed as a graft that can be attached to human or other humanoid.
  • Nearby are plans that detail the building and attaching of such grafts, but the plans are incomplete. Manten says it would take weeks of study before he might have any hope of following the instructions.
  • We fan out and search the rest of the complex, finding an armory holding a large supply of weapons and armor—many of magical construction. Lunzo notes that there is some sort of distortion that masks the magic of the items.
  • During our search, we also find Alastair. He has no recollection of our trip to the source well—indicating that we had an impostor in our midst for a time. He says he came here directly from the village.
  • He has been to this station before in previous trips to the island. As he describes his time here, he points out that the Sovereign Initiative has no connection to the Sovereign Host. The names are simply used as a code or naming convention. He also relates to us that OMAC will not be a sentient being when animated, but rather will be a construct under the influence of Garush—an orcish friend of Alastair’s who is currently trapped within the magical sword we seek. Garush follows Kalok Shash, the interpretation of the Silver Flame faith that is practiced among the orcs of the Demon Wastes who attempt to contain the evil within that land. He also tells us that Xenalynn is a traitor who used to be his ally, and explains that the shadow pearls are used to break the bonds that hold back demons and Daelkyr from this land.
  • Frieda has some knowledge of this, having lived in the area. She has heard stories of a labyrinth in the Wastes that contains portals that must be kept sealed.
  • During the conversation, Ezra notes that Cedric probably came into existence as a contingency spell triggered by the event that crashed our ship.
  • As we continue our search, we encounter Tristan, a disembodied voice who asks if we have found what we’re looking for. The voice tells us that OMAC needs a lifeforce transference and a trigger, and that the process must be done in a creation forge. Tristan indicates that there is an unfinished forge below us, but that it is warded so that he cannot get to it.
  • We learn from Tristan that Alistair and Madge are temporally different from the rest of us—possibly having returned to our time from the future? Alistair, like Madge, has dreamed of the war between the warforged and demons (and even demon/warforged mixes) against a small number of humans and other humanoids.
  • We make our way down through locked doors and magical wards until we find a huge, partially-completed warforged still hooked into the forge. It looks to have been here a long time, and makes unintelligible noises at us.
  • For no reason, the rest of the party decides to kill it without any attempt at communicating with it. Bloodthirsty and needless. What I would not do to be on this island, undertaking this quest with a company of true believers of the Silver Flame at my side instead of this morally-questionable lot. But, of course, that is not the path that has been laid before me, so it is my challenge to work with these companions despite their obvious failings.


Silent_Jim Silent_Jim

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