Eberron Pathfinder LOST

The Game

Day 16

Mordain’s Journal

  • Ezra is covered with dried blood, and seems to be sleeping contentedly. Maybe Alistair did something to feed Ezra I cast “find temple”, no Silver Flame temples within 11 miles, but we are in a temple of a LG god.
  • “Source Well” is an Ezra term. It’s probably called something else.
  • Manten can make the bars bend out of the way.
  • Lunzo tags himself (will last for one month). “OMAK LIVES
  • Half the day goes by.
  • Conrad shows up with Soller, both are evil.
  • Alastair goes back in the cage.
  • We get an ultimatum “Tell us why you are here, or every hour we will come down and kill one of you.”
    Here’s our thoughts:
  • Me—I keep surviving the chain monster
  • Lunzo—can’t seem to die. Chasing a girl, now you’re not
  • Stevie—dream choose between a dragon and some sort of demon—he chose the dragon. Breath weapon corresponds with the dragonflowers
  • The whole island is magic. Two magics on this island?
  • Manifest zone. The planar sense is chaotic, insane, feral.
  • Madges dream of demogorgon and demons coming here to destroy everything.
  • The chain monster is like a kyton, but isn’t actually one.
  • The dragons fought off the demons originally, then giants came and ended up with a stalemate (argonessen for dragons, xendrik for giants, goblins for khorvair)
  • Illustrae was a dragonborn, as was her tribe. Lizardfolk were guarding the demogorgon temple.
  • Madge—is empty inside, and mechanical. Silver flame vessel? Dreamed that demogorgon showed up with devils and demons, along with warmachines and half-flesh/half machine creatures also—celestials fighting them. ships from the sky come and battle the devils and demons. Also saw that the Silver Flame told her to find OMAC and get him going again. She called out to the Flame to help her.

One hour passes:

  • Conrad comes down and kills Kursh
    Another hour passes:
  • Then Xenalynn kills lunzo
  • Conrad says he didn’t kill anyone, then lets us out
  • The building we are in is a small temple to Dol Arrah (deity of honorable combat and sacrifice and sunlight).
  • 3 statues of angels on one side
  • 3 statures of dragons on the other side
  • Tomb with a large sword lying on top
  • Conrad, etc. are not dressed like anything in this temple—at least not outwardly showing that they are a part of this religion
  • OMAC is at Dol Dorn’s place
  • Vanthis isn’t returned
  • Dragonborn are the hope of this island
  • No children can be born. The source of the island’s power (i.e. “the source”) is Demogorgon.
  • Demogorgon is tethered in Khyber, but is getting loose. The event that crashed our ship, also loosened his bonds. Chain reaction revolving around those black pearls. We should collect them. The other one was found on the north shore.
  • Look for stairs going down into the ground in the eastern mountains, they can send a guide.
  • Xenalynn says she’ll take us to where the spring should be, an item of vanthis’ will hopefully let it manifest. After an hour to get ready, we are led to the fence, then we’re let out, we travel for the rest of the day.
  • Night falls. We have no idea where we have been led. It seems like we are defying geography. X tosses a coin into the forest, it lands with a sploosh. The grass shimmers as liquid. Canopy opens up and moonlight shines on a ring of stone with runes carved into it. She says to dive in. Ezra disappears once he’s in. The runes are a riddle.



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