Eberron Pathfinder LOST

The Mad Avner

Day 14 on the Island

Mordain’s Journal

  • We wake to the sound of Avner screaming. Not a bad start to the day.
  • Lunzo awakens paralyzed with a massive pain in his neck. An ax chops into him, then he’s attacked by Ezra.
  • Stevie wakes and sees Madge strangling Avner. This day is just getting better and better. She’s wearing the drow’s bracer of invisibility.
  • Once we get everyone separated from each other, some confusion reigns. Avner says he saw Madge steal the white pearl I had in my backpack. Cedric shows up and says he saw Madge’s ax float into Lunzo’s room, then saw the pearl float away from me. And there’s the question of how Ezra got out of the locked passageway.
  • Fizzletwitch gets the passageway door open so we can figure out how Ezra escaped, but when the door opens, a massive threatening blob attacks us from the other side of the door. We manage to dispatch it, and Alastair identifies it as a chaos beast.


Day 15 on the Island

  • We go back to sleep and wake on Thursday morning.
  • Alastair says OMAC is mentioned in the books he has read. His name is an acronym, and even though he arrived with the Sovereign Initiative quite some time ago, he is a follower of the Silver Flame. He also believes Larith is from a different faction than the current members of the village.
  • After breakfast, we set out to find the village. Stevie and Lunzo manage to activate the metal plate we saw Conrad use to get away. Stevie is able to glide in the air, but Lunzo is sent to parts unknown—probably to the village.
  • We get in the magic boat, and Trig proves to be the best pilot. After passing the demogorgon statue and the burnt cabins where we encountered the children, we see a large wooden pyramid inland.
  • We leave the boat a few hundred feet from the shore and begin following a river inland. Stevie flies down and joins us.
  • Kttt leads us for several hours until we find a series of 30’ high stone pillars with glowing bluish rings on each. Stevie tries to go through the barrier while holding his pyramid and is badly hurt and deafened.
  • Alastair mentions that Illustrae’s people may have an understanding with the villagers.
  • Ezra manipulates Stevie’s pyramid from a Y into a T shape and uses it to pass us through the fence. Stevie and Fizzletwitch hide in order to spy on the villagers we assume are approaching and the rest of us hide further back


Silent_Jim Silent_Jim

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