Eberron Pathfinder LOST

The Source Well

Day 16

Mordain’s Journal

  • Xenalynn pulls out a curved dagger and slices frieda, drips blood on a black pearl, then tosses the pearl to me, I catch it and see angry faces in it and feel power emanating from it.
  • She dimension doors away (without using magic)
  • Stevie slaps the pearl out of my hand into the water, it breaks and nauseates me, Stevie starts to mutate, wave of energy washes over us, then a humanoid globual mud thing comes out of the water and snatches Alastair, another with a weird crazy face with rocks for teeth tries to snatch me. Many have morphed into those acid-blood things, and kttt has gained a head and a few more arms and legs. Frieda goes orc and gains a face in her chest, and and extra mouth on her arm. Stevie grows another jaw and another set of eyes, and his wings get screwed up. None of the mutants seem rational.
  • Everyone starts attacking each other
  • I dive in after Alistair, but am booted out by a mud cock
  • The pond freezes.
  • Stevie blasts a hole and I find Ezra in it, I heal him
  • Alistair is dead when we pull him out of the frozen lake
  • Madge takes his Silver Flame holy symbol
  • Kttt uses the drow helmet to see that Xenalynn watched us and then teleported away
  • Ezra doesn’t like the smell of my blood, is cured

- There is a thing which nothing is, it does no harm, feels no pain, it creeps beside you with no name, one color true but no size, was never birthed and never dies. Riddle that was on the stones. The answer to this riddle must go over the water.

- Mirror on a strange land lies still, no reflection of its power, one image seen, one mind to behold, water of the body fed the mirror can walk fire …

  • Alistairs book has a detailed picture of the sword from the dol arrah temple, with Garush, an orc name written near it. The sword has karnathi inscriptions near the base, then at the tip, silver flame engravings.
  • Ezra says Demogorgon is closer to our plane and more powerful because of the pearl being broken
  • We try to get go away from the pool, but end up back there again.
  • The Lord of Blades has united all warforged on all continents according to google [DM NOTE: Random? WTF?]
  • We wander for several hours, and find a clearing on the eastern side of the valley, a little more central, at the base of the mountains.

Day 17 on the Island

  • It is late morning. We have stayed up the entire night. We go through a few areas in the forest where no sound occurs, we walk for a couple hours and sound comes back. This has happened twice by the time we get to the clearing. We make camp and sleep uneventfully for the rest of the day.
  • we burn Alistairs body.
  • We are a couple hours from Augury the troll lady, the coastline is a couple of hours away


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