Eberron Pathfinder LOST

The Sovereign Initiative

Day 4 on the Island

Mordain’s Journal

  • Awaken Sunday morning, mention to group that I will hold talks about the Silver Flame every Sunday morning. Many crowd around as I tell Madge and Lunzo about the origin and nature of the Silver Flame.
  • I check out the bites on Madge and Frieda—neither appear to be poisoned.
  • We borrow a skiff (Mazzia pilots), to explore stone structure –ip saw. Lunzo mentions a kraken that might live in the water, Mazzia says there may be one.
  • We row until reaching a massive statue of a two-headed creature with baboon faces that has 4 tentacles instead of arms. It faces the sea. Something large has dredged along the seafloor heading away from the statue. My planar knowledge tells me it is an ancient god or creature from another plane or perhaps Khyber that represents savagery and chaos. It is unmarred in any way save for some moss and the stone is not local, although the pedestal is made of local stone that shows signs of weathering.
  • Madge climbs the statue and is hit with a poisoned spear.
  • Several poison dusk lizardfolk attack us for desecrating their temple (they shout this in draconic). We kill 3 and they run off.
  • Stevie finds a sharp blue rock on the beach—what is it?
  • We leave the bodies in a respectful manner.
  • Kttt scans horizon and sees there isn’t a horizon (we’re in a bubble?). Sees islands a few miles out.
  • We return to camp to drop off Mazzia, and then set off to look for the waterfall, but get sidetracked and find metal door in the ground, marked with the symbol of the Sovereign Host. We try to open the door, and get hit by a sonic blast, but open it on the second try. Inside is a symbol of Aureon, the Sovereign Host’s patron of knowledge and law, and a 30’ vertical shaft with a ladder, leading to a horizontal tunnel illuminated by magical lights. There is music coming from behind a metal door at the end of tunnel.
  • Inside is a nice apartment, and we find Cedric in it. He’s paranoid, but calms down. It’s been 6 years since he came here from the Lhazaar Principalities, sent by the Sovereign Initiave (he doesn’t recognize the term Sovereign Host) to “save the world” every 2 hours and 13 minutes by pouring dust on a large black ball mounted on an obelisk (to keep it from exploding?). He blacked out the same time we crashed—the only time he skipped the dusting. He doesn’t remember if the blackout was the cause or the effect of missing the dusting. When he woke, his countdown clocks were going backwards, so he sprinkled dust and they went back to normal.
  • I foolishly detect evil on the big ball and it feels like my head split into a good and an evil part and they fought. I think I almost died.


Silent_Jim Silent_Jim

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