Eberron Pathfinder LOST

2. Unlikely breakfast

Mordain’s Journal

  • An elf ranger named Skald, a passenger, pulls out a crossbow, lights it on fire and shoots. He seems to use magic items, but poorly.
  • The dinosaur radiates evil, and is aberrant. It has a mouth in its chest and tentacles. It kills a crewmember, but we slay it.
  • Captain America thinks there shouldn’t be an island here according to his maps. He also says that the ship was pulled down.
  • The star pattern is familiar, but not quite lining up where they should be. The ranger can’t find north even though he should be able to. Detect evil keeps going haywire, too.
  • Mazzia asks if anyone has seen the bosun, Velgram Lintorm. No one has.
  • We’re attacked by and kill a two-headed aberrant boar, then cook it for breakfast

Day 2 on the Island

  • In the morning (Friday), others go to the ship to salvage items, while we enter the forest, finding tracks—perhaps a large dog-like creature?
  • We find the trail of some medium-sized bipeds. The footprints are shod, but have three clawed toes sticking out the front. They seem reptilian.
  • We find a stream after an hour, spend 4 more hours going up a mountain for a better view, see smoke (bigger than campfire) inland, and wait for night to look for lights.
  • We see some torches heading towards a glow further inland. (same direction as smoke)
  • During the night, I hear chittering and a fog rolls in. We detect a low ambient level of evil and transmutive magic throughout the night. During day, detect evil still goes haywire, but this background evil only appears at night There are still flashes here and there of stronger evil Planar knowledge tells me we might be in an area where Mabar is coterminous, but it seems more like Xoriat.

Day 3 on the Island

  • Morning breaks. Saturday. Looking down at the survivors’ camp on the beach, we see no signs of trouble, so plan to head further inland towards the glow we saw last night.
  • -ip sees some man-made stone structure on another beach.


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