Eberron Pathfinder LOST

Who is Mama Zena?

(Still Day 8)

Mordain’s Journal

  • The Karrnathi female is named Jess Blackcord. She is in her teens and has a pale, unhealthy appearance. I overhear her muttering slurs against the Church of the Silver Flame.
  • Mazzia takes the news of the captain’s death very hard, and wanders away from the camp. I search briefly, but cannot find her.
  • Frieda believes Father Ferris wasn’t on the Golden Dragon, and finds that he was not listed on the manifest.
  • The rescued children remain under the effects of whatever has changed them. They ask for “Mama Zena.”
  • A member of the survivors named Alistair introduces himself as a professor from Margrave University. He recognizes our description of the chain monster as a Kyton.
  • Fearing an attack, I advise the survivors who organize hunting parties to retrieve the group that is out at the moment.
  • At that moment, Kttt and Mantin drop to the beach from the sky. Kttt says that he was aided by another mantisfolk who transported them through the air. They report that they saw a message in the dirt supposedly from us—apparently, something wanted us all back here.
  • Ezra speaks up. He recognizes the name the children keep repeating as meaning Zena-lin. She belongs to the same group as Ferris/Conrad and Vanthis. Vanthis is the last human to be born on the island before all the inhabitants went sterile. He is apparently very hard to find.
  • Ezra then returns to Conrad, onboard the magic boat. I follow soon after and come upon the two engaged in conversation, with Ezra seeming to be deferring to Conrad. When I attempt to question Conrad, he refuses to answer my questions because he feels the information would be dangerous to me. Ezra is no help, either.
  • I recommend releasing Conrad, as I have no proof of any wrongdoing on his part. After he leaves the shore, Kttt tracks him and sees he is heading to the hatch apartment.
  • After some delay as we argue about our next direction, we set out in the boat to find the remaining children.
  • We find the two cabins near the dock consumed in roaring fires, and head towards a plume of smoke further inland, where we are attacked by the creatures with acid for blood. After killing them, we stir up a group of zombies.


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