Mountain Troll Augury


Augury is a HUGE troll inside a cave. She is a female with a large appetite. Once the party offers the tribute, she becomes… not hostile. She invites them in and asks each party member a question, and then allows them to ask a question. She asks her question, and then says “If you lie, you die”. Then they answer, and she allows them to ask their question.

In order to divine the answer, she takes the ceremonial dagger and cuts open her own belly, pulls out her guts and uses them to divine. When she gets her answer, she sticks her guts back in and heals up.

In her exchange with Lunzo, he attempted to cheat but accidentally flattered her. Rather than killing him and eating him, she got her taste by biting off his hand. As a reward, she cuts a piece of her palm off and grafts it onto Lunzo’s stump, granting him regeneration 3 (fire or acid).


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