Young female halfling rogue


Dressed in dark studded leather armor and a cloak, this skinny Halfling child stands at two foot nine and looks as though she just crawled out of a washing machine. Her long blonde hair extends to the small of her back and her bangs constantly get in her eyes. Oddly, she is wearing boots that go up to her knees and has a tiny bell hanging from her neck. A quiver of arrows poke out from under her cloak and she’s holding a composite bow. When she looks up at you, her two mismatched eyes (left one dark green, right one bright blue) gleam with a sweet innocence. Once you get to know her, you’ll find that she is extremely good at noticing things and sneaking around.


Fizzletwitch grew up in a trailer always running from the law. Her parents constantly were stealing and framing their children. As a result, Fizzletwitch had to be constantly on the alert for one of her parents tricks. When she was seven, her two older brothers grabbed the remaining children and fled. For the next few years, Fizzletwitch watched her younger siblings get picked up by the law for stealing food. “Travel light” her brothers said to her often. Once Fizzletwitch was ten, her two brothers (Jenrock and Fallpass) and younger sister Fairysong were all that was left of her distant family. The four of them traveled across the country looking for some place to settle down and start working so they wouldn’t have to steal. After a few more years of searching, Fairysong came back with a news article telling of a strange flying ship called the Golden Dragon that would carry hundreds of races across the oceans to the other side of the world. The four Halflings packed up for the departure day. However once they got there, Fizzletwitch was separated from the rest of her family and was shepherded onto the ship by the crowd. The last thing she ever saw of her siblings, was them standing on the docks staring hopelessly after her. After a few days the ship mysteriously crashed leaving only a few survivors. As she swam to shore, Fizzletwitch kept thinking her brothers words “travel light.”


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