Mordain Mercanius

The Moral Center of a Questionable Band of Survivors


Born in Windshire, Aundair. Parents (both still living) grow grapes and make a little wine. Not poor, but far from wealthy. However, a local lord decided to sponsor him as a knight-in-training as a favor to his parents (along with an agreement that saw all of the production of their winery shipped to the lord’s castle).

Mordain saw no real action during the Last War, being assigned to the garrison of a castle that was never attacked. After a few years, his master recognized that he had potential to be more than a man-at-arms and paid for his education at the University of Wynarn in Fairhaven, Aundair, where he was to study history and law.

While attending the university, Mordain encountered a travelling Knight Templar of the Church of the Silver Flame, and felt his calling. He joined the Church, serving as an acolyte, and eventually left the university to further his religious training. He petitioned to enter St. Ignatius the Mentor’s School for Divine Service in Passage, Aundair, and trained there as a seminarian with the intention of joining the order of the Templars.

Several months ago, however, he was sent to an outpost in Xendrik as a result of disagreements with members of the Church hierarchy in Passage. Mordain had publicly called them out for refusing to champion poor members of the community who had been mistreated by several noblemen. Mordain suspected at the time that he had been exiled, and that he would not be called back, so it was a great surprise to him when he received a ticket for passage on the Golden Dragon along with instructions to return to Khorvaire.

Mordain Mercanius

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